The iKeyboard For The Apple iPad 2: Solution To Typing

The tablet PC market was once thought to be dead until Apple flexed their muscles and introduced the iPad which certainly re-ignited the flame and now it’s booming. There are lots of different manufacturers adding their own devices mainly with a Google Android operating system.

Following on from the success of the first tablet PC launched by Apple they launched a successor being the iPad 2 with an updated specifications, slicker looks and the same great user experience. The only downsides to it at the moment are the reports we are hearing about the screens leaking and people struggling to type on it. This is where the iKeyboard for the iPad 2 comes in; this could be the solution to the typing problems faced.

We first learned of the iKeyboard solution through Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun where he confirms that when he first got his iPad he struggled with typing on the virtual keyboard and carrying a keyboard around with your isn’t exactly ideal either which is where the iKeyboard fits in nicely.

It was designed by Cliff Thier and doesn’t require any batteries or anything like that. It simply clips onto the bottom of your iPad and then lies on the screen; it creates spaces between the keys so you can type as if you were using a real keyboard. The developer has an official website where he is looking for backers and pledged cash, at the time of writing this he has 59 backers and there’s $2,415 of the required $4,000 pledged with 47 days left. There’s also a video explaining the little add on that you can watch at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the add on? Do you have problems typing on the screen of an iPad 2? Let us know in the comments section below.