T-Mobile Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling: Starting Today

If you’re a T-Mobile customer then we could have some good news for you today as it seems that the company is bringing back its free unlimited Wi-Fi calling from May 11, that’s today.

This information comes from a leaked internal screenshot according to Todd Haselton on BGR, sourced from TMONews. At present placing a call over Wi-Fi eats in to your monthly minute allocation although the Wi-Fi calling feature is free if you have a phone that supports UMA. This news is set to please an awful lot of people and it seems that T-Mobile will soon be informing customers with devices that support this move, by text message. The message will then guide the user to T-Mobile.com or alternatively customers can call Care.

In the document T-Mobile states that not only will your monthly limits not be consumed by it will also be beneficial to those who “experience coverage issues in areas where Wi-Fi is available.” Customers who want to take advantage of this will need to have existing Even More, Even More Plus, or 4G Do More rate plans. If you want to know more about T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling then head to this T-Mobile page here.

Let’s hope the leaked document is accurate and we see this implemented very soon. If you hear from T-Mobile about this new and free Wi-Fi calling feature let us know by sending us your comments.