Panasonic Toughbook CF-53: Release And Specs Revealed

Here at OSM we like the concept of having a great new piece of tech being built to withstand anything that the elements or people can throw at it, we have divulged this passion with you by bringing news on many great devices like the Xplore Technologies iX104C5 tablet, POV.HD camera and the rugged Getac V100 laptop.

In our latest offering to the people out there that share our passion were bringing you information on the specs and release date of a new gadget that fulfills our desire of a rugged piece of tech, this device comes courtesy of Panasonic and is called the Toughbook CF-53.

This new device from the manufacturer comes as a nice upgrade to the former Toughbook 52, the most obvious change to the eye is the screen size which has been reduced down from 15.4inches to a sleek 14inches.

The changes don’t stop there as you will also find beneath its rugged exterior a second generation Sandy Bridge chipset, VGA and HDMI outputs, option of 2GB or 4GB of RAM, a USB 3.0 port and even an optional resistive touchscreen, prices start from $1899 and will be shipping from this June. You can see more info on the specs and price by following this link here through to Ubergizmo.

We think it’s great to see devices like this, if you’re anything like us and a bit clumsy it’s nice to know your gadgets can have an extra layer of protection.How do you feel about this laptop?

Does a device like this appeal to you? Will you purchase one?