New Report Suggests That 7.5 Million Facebook Users Are Underage

With the use of social networking on the increase everyday it is no wonder that sites like Facebook could be worth in excess of $100 billion by next spring, this increase in value could be down to the rise in people that are using mobile devices to update their posts.

As it stands today around 50 percent of the UK is now registered as Facebook members, with this in mind it may come as no surprise that there is in total over 500 million registered users of the site worldwide, what may come as a surprise is that according to a new report 7.5 million of these users are underage.

In a consumer report that was made public on Tuesday a record number of users were estimated to be under the age of 13, this as we know violates one of the social networks main terms of service which asks for its members to be at least 13 years old before joining.

The estimate is based on a survey which was carried out on 2,089 members of a TNS interactive consumer panel, with these figures the magazine estimated that more than 5 million users of the site were aged 10 years old or younger. You can read more on this report in this post from Mashable.

With many scams and malware currently running on the site it could be bad news to have minors interacting with Facebook, other sites like JackieFame which are designed specifically for children seem a lot more appropriate.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be concerned if your child was using a social networking site like Facebook underage?

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