Lady Gaga Teams Up With Zynga To Bring Us GagaVille

Some people love her and other people hate her, either way it doesn’t matter what category you fit into as Lady Gaga must be doing something right as she is currently one of the biggest stars in the world, this was hammered home after we saw her release of the Judas music video overwhelm YouTube.

After bringing you information on this we then saw Debbie Turner brings us more news on the Gaga saga, in her post she told us how Lady Gaga used Twitter to reveal her cover of The Edge Of Glory. It seems that this star is intent on taking over the world of social networking and has taken it one step further by teaming up with game developer Zynga to bring us GagaVille.

If you’re a fan of both Lady Gaga and the popular social networking game Farmville you are going to think you have died and gone to heaven, GagaVille is a neighboring farm to FarmVille but has a unique twist that only Gaga herself could bring to it.

This will feature crystals and unicorns when released on May 17th, not only will fans be able to play this game they will also have the opportunity to listen to previews of tracks from her upcoming album Born This Way and have the chance to win some great prizes. You can read more about these prizes in this post from Mashable.

So not only is she an international star it also seems that she has quiet a sensible head on her shoulders, we think this is a great way to interact with fans. What do you think?

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? Will you play this game once it is released?

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