Jetman Flies Over Grand Canyon: Crazy YouTube Video

When you’re having a down day it’s good to stumble upon something that quickly lifts you up and brings a smile to your face, we believe the best way to do this is by watching videos such as the soldier dancing like Carlton and the Jack Sparrow song by Lonely Island.

When we look for clips like these to bring you we sometimes stumble upon something that just makes us watch in disbelief, a crazy YouTube video we found ourselves watching today was the Jetman who flew over the Grand Canyon.

This is something you truly have to see to believe, the guy in the video below who looks like a life sized Buzz Lightyear is Swiss pilot Yves”Fusionman”Rossy. In his latest stunt we see Rossy drop from the side of a helicopter that is hovering over the Grand Canyon, strapped to his back is a homemade carbon fibre wing, a parachute and four mini jets.

After the chopper reached a height of 8000 feet and Rossy jumped the jets kicked in and rocketed him across the Canyon at speeds of up to 190MPH. This video has gathered worldwide interest after featuring on nearly every major news channel, its popularity has also excelled on YouTube and has pulled in over 420,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday.

This is not the first we have seen from the Jetman, back in September 2008 crowds gathered in their masses to see him propel himself across the English Channel in 9 minutes 7 seconds. What are your thoughts on this video?

Did this amaze you? Or do you think he is just crazy?

Let us know your thoughts below