Is Facebook The Big Winner From The Microsoft/Skype Deal?

Yesterday’s big money deal between Microsoft and Skype has rattled a few cages, with a no-nonsense $8.5 billion buyout. Microsoft surprised a majority of us with their swift acquisition of the video calling company, but who is the big winner from this deal?

Some are saying that it is Facebook, but how? First of all Microsoft is an investor in Facebook, so it would mean that the social networking site could see the introduction of video and voice calling, in an upgrade to their current IM chat service. According to Technorati, Facebook and even Google initially showed an interest in buying out Skype, but it was Microsoft who made the move.

It seems likely that a majority of Skype’s staff will leave after this deal, being replaced by Microsoft’s equally skilled work force. After Microsoft’s other big deal with Nokia, it caused a staff uprising after many found that they would be made redundant or transferred. Skype took advantage of this situation and announced that they would be interesting in hiring the Symbian victims.

Skype will also do very well from this deal if their technology is introduced to Facebook, as they will inherit a 600 million strong user base. Microsoft will benefit in many ways, with once being that they have an answer to Google voice. Let us know your thoughts on the Microsoft/Skype Deal. Will it work and are Facebook the biggest winners from this?