Google Doodle: 117th Birthday Of Choreographer Martha Graham Celebrated

Over the last few months we have seen a very wide range of Google Doodles, we have brought you news on what feels like nearly every Doodle that has ever been created. In previous posts we have talked about Google celebrating the birthdays of both explorer Ernest Shackleton and Mr.Men author Roger Hargreaves.

Today were bringing the news behind the latest Google Doodle, the latest adaptation of this widely recognised logo is designed to celebrate what would have been the 117th birthday of choreographer Martha Graham.

In her life Martha Graham achieved many amazing things, she was the first dancer ever to perform at the White House and travel abroad as a cultural ambassador, this though held little relevance to what some say was her greatest achievement, Graham was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom- the highest civilian award of the USA.

With all these great achievements in her life the time eventually came for this iconic dancer to hang up her dancing shoes, back in 1969 at the ripe age of 75 Graham delivered her last performance. Even at this stage in her life she still amazed people with her adaptation of Modern/contemporary dance, you can read more on her illustrious career in this post from the Guardian.

Sadly back in 1991 Graham passed away in her Manhattan home at the grand old age of 96, in her very long career Martha had Choreographed more than a 180works, she has left behind a legacy that lives on through the work of the Martha Graham Dance company which has been developing this style of dance since it was established back in 1926.

As a tribute to her memory we have embedded a video below for you to watch.

Who would you like to see celebrated with a Google Doodle?

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