Facebook Security Update: Symantec Says Change Your Password Now

As social networking is bigger now then it has ever been sites like Twitter and Facebook have become the ideal target for would be scammers and hackers, in previous posts we have already brought you examples of this like the person who lost thousands in a Facebook scam and when Ashton Kutcher had his Twitter account hacked.

Following attacks like this anyone that uses any of these sites that holds your personal information has to be extra vigilant, according to recent news users of Facebook are being advised to change their passwords following a security update from Symantec.

This news comes to us courtesy of Ubergizmo, Edwin Kee has posted an article in which he claims security experts Symantec have found a bug within Facebook that has been around for a number of years, this bug is potentially able to give access to millions of user’s personal information such as profiles and photos.

According to PCWorld Symantec claim this issue over the years could have affected nearly 100,000 Facebook applications, the flaw lies within applications that handle advertisers access tokens. These tokens are associated with a select set of permissions that you have granted when using these applications, these range from posting to your wall, accessing your friends profiles and reading your wall. You can read more on this by following this link through to PCWorld.com.

Although this sounds pretty serious it would appear that the easiest way to make sure you are secure is to simply change your password, what are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Facebook should have already been aware of this?

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