Boy In Trouble After Ranking Female Students On Facebook

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are being heard in the news in both good and bad light because of various different stories that circulate. Some of them are to do with people’s understanding of the sites, how they work and who has access to the data.

Some of the acts of stupidity that we have seen in recent times include the guard who missed the Royal Wedding because of comments he made about the bride to be, a Parish saying that Facebook fosters sin, a man who posed as a police officer and of course the bigamist who was busted by his first wife using the social networking giant. Now we have heard about a boy who’s in trouble after ranking female students and then publishing it on Facebook.

We learned of this ‘Ranking System’ through an article by Chris Matyszczyk over on where he informs us that the boy was charges with disorderly conduct following the publishing of his classmates. The author tells us that the unnamed teen ranked up fifty of his female classmates where things seem to get a little deep with separate rankings for their faces and bodies!

Whilst this may be the sort of thing that a group of guys of this age might sit around talking and joking about, it’s not advised to make it public knowledge. We are also hearing that the boy no longer attends that school. This was either another stupid moment or yet another case of people not realizing just who can access the data you publish. If the authorities were informed about this then perhaps we should all look to number 50 in the list to see if it was them that brought this to attention!

What do you think about this, was it a moment of bad judgment or sheer stupidity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.