Angry Birds Hits Google Chrome Via Chrome Web Store

If there’s one thing that this world loves its Angry Birds, we have seen all sorts of versions of it including the most recent Angry Birds Rio which is due an update any time soon. There’s a viral video going around that shows off some of the new levels that you can expect to see but now we have something else to tell you about.

Angry Birds has hit Google Chrome via the Chrome Web Store, this is a case of the un-hacked browser from Pwn2own meeting with arguably the most popular mobile app that the world has ever seen. We first learned of it through an entry over on their Facebook page and iClarified where they talk a little bit about the game where they mention that there are an additional 7 special Chrome levels!

Over on the Google Chrome Angry Birds page they first ensure that your browser is up to date and inform you if you need to update it to be able to play the game. Then they have a button that simply says – Install. Let this process run through and very soon you will be playing Angry Birds on your Chrome browser.

There’s also a little update that has been added and in fact we have had a couple of emails about it too that not only are there Chrome inspired levels but there’s a slight problem that you can’t get passed level 20. They say that they are flying fast to get it fixed so don’t despair just wait a little longer.

What do you think of being able to play Angry Birds on your Chrome browser? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • @thepoodz