YouTube Expands Its Movie Rental Service: Apple Rival

Viral video sharing site YouTube, has now announced that its movie rental service will now be expanded, giving users another 3,000 additional movie titles to rent. Beating off stiff competition from Apple’s iTunes service, YouTube gave the news yesterday that they want to allow customers not just the benefit of seeing videos of the music world, home videos and so on, but big movies.

According to Slashgear, the site now gives a service to over 350 million devices and users turn to the site with at least 2 billion views a day. Surely this is good grounding one would assume! As well as this, Slashgear said YouTube are also hoping to change peoples’ viewing habits with more time spent looking online at their site and not the TV, which at the current time accounts for more viewing hours.

What we can tell you courtesy of Richard over at Engadget, is that big movie names NBC Universal, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures will all be involved with the new YouTube service. In terms of pricing for the new movie titles, a movie for your PC or Google TV will set you back a mere $2.99 or $3.99 for films shown in Standard Definition as oppose to High.

What are your thoughts on the new YouTube service? Will you be benefiting from it? How do you think it will compare to other rivals such as Apple, Netflix or even Red Box?