Xplore Technologies iX104C5: A Tablet Built For Abuse

When you are looking for a tablet PC what do you look for? Perhaps the best display, the best value for money or maybe the most ‘in thing’. On the other hand if you are someone that works in specific environments maybe you want one that you can beat up?

That’s exactly what Xplore Technologies have done with the iX104C5; it’s a tablet PC built for abuse. We first read about it over on Engadget where Michael Gorman has added his article and talks about how they marvel at the latest slates but this one has a nice 10.4-inch XGA display and rugged good looks.

At the moment the manufacturers aren’t letting on how much your virtually indestructible tablet will set you back. They have however told us all about the innards of the device, housed within its rugged body is an Intel i7 processor that runs at up to 2.13GHz, mobile Intel HD graphics, various input ports, a fingerprint reader and 2GB of DDR3 RAM which is expandable up to 8GB. You can read more of the technical specs over at their official website on this link.

They also have a separate section for the rugged specs which ranges from Thermal Shock, through Crash Shock all the way to Solar Radiation and Fungus! Keep your eyes peeled as the price will hopefully come fairly soon.

Are you looking for a rugged tablet PC? Could this be the one for you? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.