Xbox 360 Update Rollout Coming: Leak Says Beginning May 19

In the last few days we’ve brought you news about a Microsoft Xbox 360 security alert and then an Xbox 360 mashup handheld console. Today’s Xbox 360 news is about a spring update that’s coming soon, with a rollout starting on May 19.

Leaked images have come out from a Microsoft tech support employee about the annual spring update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard, according to Ben Gilbert over on Joystiq. The leak shows the update will be “unlike previous system updates” as it will begin rolling out on May 19 and will be distributed in 6 waves up to May 30. According to the leak this is to ensure “high quality deployment.” You can see the leaked image below from Joystiq.

The update will support the new Microsoft disc format for games due later in 2011 and will also add PayPal support increasing the option to international markets. A separate download will also be available on May 27 for Avatar Kinect. As expected the response from Microsoft so far is, “We have nothing to announce.”

Over on SF Gate a report by Matt Rosoff of Business Insider also talks about the update, recent Xbox rumors and the likelihood of the next Xbox not being released before 2014 so hit the link for more on that. What are your thoughts on the spring update being rolled out in 6 waves? Let us know with your comments.