Sprint Nexus S 4G: Update Brings Security, Bug Fix, Enhancements

Samsung’s Nexus S 4G running on Sprint’s network has only just come to fruition. Before we refresh you on what specs you will find on the new handset, we must tell you that the phone has just received an update, which in turn will give better enhancements including that of security.

According to Gizmocrunch.com, the update OTA will allow the Nexus S to be pushed along to version GRJ22, giving the handset less chance of being affected by bugs, improved performance but only very slightly, security and international roaming as Ubergizmo stated with Google Voice.

One such feature that seems to be a key inclusion on forthcoming phones, including the iPhone 5 hopefully when it arrives, is that of Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows you to pay for purchases using your mobile when swiped over a special reader.

For users of the Nexus S 4G, you will see the update within the next two weeks. If you haven’t received a notification and wish to do so, Ubergizmo have kindly given you some pointers. Firstly head on over to Menu -> Settings ->About Phone -> System Updates->Update Firmware (or Android).

In terms of specs, you can expect to see a 4-inch Super Amoled Contour display, running on Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS, 5MP rear camera and front facing VGA, 1GHz processor along with the faster 4G connection.

Tell us have you got a Nexus S 4G? If so your thoughts on the device, and have you indeed received any kind of notification yet?