Over A Quarter Of Facebook Posts Come From Mobile Devices

In our constant quest to keep you up to date with all the current news from the world of social networking we are constantly scouring the internet for stories to bring you, recently we have told you about the Facebook chat hijackings, YouTube expanding its movie rental service and the social network for grandparents.

With the increase of use of social networks the ways in which we interact and use them has dramatically changed throughout the last few years, it seems long gone are the days when people use their good old computers to get their daily fix of social networking goodness. With this in mind it comes as no surprise that that a recent survey revealed that over a quarter of Facebook posts come from a mobile devices.

This news comes courtesy of Nick O’Neil from Allfacebook who has written a post on the findings of Dan Zarrella who carried out the survey, in his research Zarrella found out that almost 1 in 3 posts to the site came from a mobile device. This figure was the outcome of sampling more than 70,000 Facebook posts, this number of samples were enough to establish an accuracy rating 99 percent.

Although these results show high figures of posts coming from mobile devices Smartphones hold quiet a low percentage of the overall results, in the pie chart above you can see that devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry account for nearly 9 percent of the total. The biggest slice of the pie goes to the social networks mobile site m.facebook.com that lead mobile usage with more than 18 percent of posts created through it.

Judging by these results we don’t think it will be long before we see these figures increase dramatically, with many great new smartphones currently spilling onto the market it won’t be long before people eradicate the use of their computers entirely.

What are your thoughts on these results? Do they come as a surprise to you?

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