Microsoft Will Buy Skype: $8 Billion The Price Tag

When you think about Skype’s recent news they have been linked with a few different companies about a potential takeover such as Google and Facebook. From a Facebook perspective things were looking good with the potential integration of video calling into their chat setup which seems to be the next logical step.

Now though they have been swept aside by a giant in Microsoft who is eagerly looking to get established in the communication and entertainment market. Various reports such as the entry on saying that Microsoft will buy Skype for $7-$8 billion which is an astonishing amount don’t you think?

We have also found an article over on the Wall Street Journal by Anupreeta Das and Nick Wingfield where they say that this is quite an aggressive move from Microsoft and that a deal could be struck as early as Tuesday. This would be a really good opportunity for Microsoft to springboard into online contention and start grasping some more market share.

This looks to be the way forward for Microsoft as this is yet another example of a company moving towards a more social approach, especially as they have already invested so much in their search engine Bing. The deal could still fall through as nothing has been finalized yet so hold on and watch out for a big announcement from Microsoft.

What do you think of Microsoft purchasing Skype? Is it a good move for them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.