Maximise Twitter For Your Company To Connect to Local Customers

If you’re involved within a business then it makes sense to maximize the use of social networking to get the most out of your company, here at OSM we have been bringing you plenty of news in the past on ways to develop tools and skills whilst using the abundance of sites that are at your disposal.

In previous posts we have brought you many useful tips such as using LinkedIn Today to gather news from within your business sector and combining the use of both Twitter and LinkedIn for a better networking experience, the latest information were bringing you today is on how you can maximize Twitter within your company to connect to local customers.

If your business relies heavily on local customers then the following information could be invaluable to you, these tips come courtesy of Charlene Kingston who has compiled these easy to follow steps that make connecting to your customers a piece of cake. These steps are very simple and involve finding local people with advanced search, locating people using Tweets near you, searching profiles that share your city name, accessing users of Twitter Grader and using Twellowhood successfully.

With these tips Kingston hopes you can make your business more visible within your neighborhood, you can read more in depth on how to put these steps into action by clicking on the link and checking out her full post over at

We know the business world can be quiet a scary place sometimes, we hope with little hints and tips like this incorporating your business with the world of social networking becomes a little less scary.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you used any of these tips before? Do you have any good tips to share that have really helped out your business?

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  • Charlene Kingston

    Thanks so much for expanding on my article for Social Media Examiner. For so many businesses, finding local customers is their lifeblood. I'm glad you found my article useful. Thanks for sharing it with your audience.