iPhone 5 Improved Voice Feature: Advanced Coming to iOS 5.0

We’ve been posting articles about the next-generation iPhone, the Apple iPhone 5, for some time but recently news has calmed down after the rumors of a later release than expected. We have a rumor today though of an iPhone 5 improved voice feature as there is news that Apple will be including advanced voice control on iOS 5.0, expected to be revealed at WWDC next month.

We have reported on all the speculation and rumors regarding the iPhone 5 over recent months and recently gave a roundup of what we think will NOT feature on the next iPhone. Other recent articles looked at how iPhone 5 interest measures against interest for the white iPhone 4 and how AT&T has been told there will be no iPhone 5 in June or July. Today we heard about the possibility of advanced voice control from Cam Bunton of Today’s iPhone, sourced from TechCrunch.

The iPhone 3GS featured Voice Control but it didn’t take off as it was just not good enough, especially when compared to the speech recognition system that Android users enjoy. However Apple has now struck a deal with Nuance, a specialist voice recognition company, so the signs are looking good for vast improvements to the iOS voice control system. Last year Apple acquired Siri, an advanced voice control app and it’s anticipated that this will come to iOS 5.0 which we should be hearing more about shortly.

Daniel Eran Dilger over on Apple Insider also writes more about Apple partnering with Nuance rather than Microsoft for its voice recognition developments so check out the link for more on that. The iPhone 5 should certainly be released using iOS 5.0 so we are hopeful of seeing much-improved Voice Control on the next-generation device. What are your thoughts on the current iOS Voice Control? Do you expect to see vast improvements for it on the iPhone 5? Let us know by sending your comments.