Free Xbox Live While PSN Down: Microsoft Incentive?

While the PSN remains down as it has for some time now many people have been toying with the idea of a switch of hardware from the PlayStation 3 over to the Xbox 360. There have been simply comments by the where people are letting rip at Sony over their security being breached to the point where they have had to rebuild the entire infrastructure.

This brings us to a report that suggest free Xbox live while the PSN is down as a Microsoft incentive, this would be a great marketing idea for Microsoft as they could claw more of the market share in the gaming world. They could make a lot of money for the sake of 3 weeks free gaming.

Someone else that seems to think this is a pretty nifty idea is Desire Athow over at where he has compiled a report detailing the prices of Gold subscriptions for the Xbox Live at £29.97 at Amazon. The number of people that must be thinking about the big switch is certainly increasing and if Microsoft can go the extra mile and entice more people then it can only be a good thing for them.

We are intrigued to know from PlayStation 3 players that if Microsoft offered you free gaming for the expected duration of the PSN downtime, would it seal the deal for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • loulou89

    how do we get xbox live free ,,i just bought 1 ,still own my ps2 though:)

  • Adam

    All you guys bitching about how the PS3 is free and we have to pay for Xbox Live… ever heard the term you get what you pay for?

    I'm more than happy paying the price of a game each year for a reliable, secure service with all the extras that come with it (inside xbox videos, gold member deals etc).

    For the record I used to own a PS3, I tried it, I didn't like it. The online was terrible and I never felt part of a community like I do on Xbox Live. Plus the past 3 weeks while you've all been twiddling your thumbs I've put countless hours into a plethora of online games, suddenly I don't feel so "stupid" for paying for my subscription.

  • Ninurta

    F*** NO!!! The down time is but a fly in the mead! Let’s just pick it out, wring every drop from it , and go back to fragging the masses online!

  • ecroo09

    ive learnt my lesson with an xbox oh sorry 5 xboxs ive had a ps3 for 1 half years now and its never broke its still in perfect condition no way im ever buying an xbox again there just awaste of space having to get them repaired all the time.and microsoft are abviously very sly and pathetic and quite desperate

  • Brandon

    I got both.. which do you think i use more? It rhymes with "day nation tree".

  • Jde

    Psn is down ….. WOW xflop360 was down a few years bak but even though ps3 has been down for longer its way better dan xflop360 they are just trying 2 offer free online xbox because they are trying to celeberate for ps3 being down for quite a while. SONY VS MICROSOFT…..? Mcrosoft is something 2 do with computer thing and still you have 2 pay for it wow! all of you that have a xbox you know you want a ps3 you might just not be able to afford it or you already have an xbox (Not being rude) PSN IS DOWN BUT STILL BETTER THAN XBOX! ILL NEVER MAKE THE SWITCH IF XBOX WAS FREE! TO BUY PSN IS BEST 4 LIFE

  • eamon

    NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a loyal customer to sony i would never switch to xbox after all yhe bad things i said about them lol but really paying for online are they INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Made the purchase for Xbox love it and plus I get the new maps for black ops. To me having both is best for all solutions.

  • Luke

    Don't most people own both systems by now? Oh thats right fanboys do exist lol. Lame

  • PS3 4 LIFE

    The ps3 is obviously better than the ****box 360.
    The ps3 has blue ray 3d FREE ONLINE built in wifi adapter recharchable PAD and i dont have to give vill gates my money so he can spend my money on trying to make the zune better than an ipod.

  • aspec201114

    i sold m ps3,but will not buy xbox done with gaming.does anybody think with all this money sony is losing out on,you think psn is going to free forever!its only a matter of time.

  • MrHongKongDave

    With so many games coming out exclusively on PS3 this year I doubt many will leave.

    Will also be buying Gears 3 on 20th Sept!

    Good year for solo games any way!

  • Nowe4eva

    I think I can probably be the only person that's glad the Playstation Network is down, it literally couldn't have come at a better time, I'm currently studying a lot since I have my summer exams starting next week, so, no PSN means no distractions = Better grades. (:

  • Joshua

    I'm Playing Oblivion

  • landerson61

    i have 3 words to sum up this PSN downtime……..SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. to be honest i'd rather save my £200 over buying an xbox and spark up the love for some good old single player campaigns. or go out and actually socialize with real life people. whichever im in the mood for.

  • Tabby wabby

    Well all i can say is if y wont 360 go buy one -i'll stick with PS3 a far better system the name Xbox Don't even sound cool and when you look at a Xbox it look's as if it's been stamped on lool
    Even the Queen has a play station , eat that bill Gate's

  • Neesom

    Notice its only an idea, and 3 months free is great anyways…..

    But can you people seriously not talk to each other in PSN unless you're in the same game?
    I had a PS3 for a week, until i kept getting some error code so i couldnt go online (in 2009) so I got an xbox.

    Best choice I ever made :)
    Oh and we get those COD maps about 6 months earlier than PoorStupidNoobs

  • OBgyn Kanoebi

    Does anyone realize that your talking about the old 360. The new one has no problems that I know of. I own both systems and I remember owning about 7 different psx systems and 4 ps2s before the slim. Now I will say my ps3 is solid but please every generation of system has issues be it one company or another. Sony used to blame you if system broke if you owned anything that was third party for your system and would make you pay for the fix even if hardware bought had nothing to do with the issue at hand,they just voided your warrenty then and there. Hey does anyone remember flipping your psx upside down for it to read disc, or blowing in the nes to get to play a game, or ps2 not reading blue dvds or any dvds, or the time sony didnt produce enough memory cards for the ps2, or the trey not opening right on ps2, or maybe you had to void your warranty on ps2 because the only available memory cards were mad cats because of the shortage mentioned above. My point is company has had problems with there systems at one time or another you just have to be old enough to remember it.

  • kenn3898

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