Facebook User Loses Thousands In Scam: Victim Of Compassion

When you think about Facebook there’s so much more malware being seen at the moment it’s unreal. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the Facebook chat hijacking which is continuing, some Osama Bin Laden ones and another that’s more common where it claims you can view who has been peeping at your profile.

There are more than the ones that we haven’t mentioned including one where a Facebook user has lost thousands; in this case she was a victim of compassion. The scams generally play on a few different things, the clever crooks play on emotions, world news and things that people would want to see.

We learned through an article over on Facecrooks.com where a lady in Malaysia was scammed out of over RM1.1 million equating to $366,000 after she fell into the trap of a scam artists sob story. In their article they also mention that people need to learn to show compassion without the use of their bank account details which as we are learning more and more by the day, leads to people losing money.

The Police were contacted and it looks like they have narrowed it down to six suspects and they have retrieved about $5,000 which pales in insignificance to what she has lost. They have also picked up seven cell phones, a laptop and 18 ATM cards to help with their investigation.

Are you seeing Facebook scams appearing more regularly these days? Let us know if you or your friends have been caught out by them before in the comments section below.

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