Facebook Chat Hijackings Continue: Be Vigilant

When it comes to Facebook there’s currently a heck of a lot of malware being seen. Some of the most recent ones we have seen is with regards to a Twilight game, another is the “see who’s looking at your profile” and of course a few different counts of Osama Bin Laden malware circulating on the popular social network.

We had also heard about some Facebook Chat exploits going around which had disappeared for a little while although now we have read over on allfacebook.com in Jackie Cohen’s article. Cohen says that a chat box just appeared on her Facebook page pointing out some of the obvious flaws such as not even being a capital letter at the start of the word Facebook.

Also mentioned is that Facebook are constantly trying to plug the gaps in their security to try and prevent things like this happening but the people that make them are clever. They seem to keep on finding little loop holes that let them in.

You’ll notice that there’s a link within the chat box which will undoubtedly spam all your friends and make the same thing happen to them so we would advise that firstly you report this to Facebook security if you see anything similar and also follow the instructions on this link to ensure your Facebook page is ok.

Have you seen this one floating around? Let us know in the comments section below.