Social Media Marketing & Travel Agencies: Generating Extra Revenue

Here at OSM we like to give you news on social media marketing and recently have told how airlines are benefiting from using social media and 14 steps to using social media for your business. Today we have news of how social media can be used successfully for travel agents, as a way of generating extra revenue.

We’re focusing on one travel agent in particular who has used social media to triple her client base within the last three years. Stacey Small, president of Elite Travel International, established her travel agency six years ago and recently spoke at a trade conference about her success with social media, according to a report on Travel Weekly. According to Small, Facebook users now account for 1 in 13 of the total world population, with 650 million Facebook users in all.

Similarly Twitter now has 225 million users with over100 million tweets being sent every day. That’s a huge market to tap into and Small states that she set up a Facebook account 3 years ago and a Twitter account 2 years ago and has received hundreds of referrals from other Facebook and Twitter contacts. She uses her Twitter account, not so much for hard-sell tactics but more for raising brand awareness and gaining the attention of new customers and says, “I know there are cynics out there but I’m living proof that social media is good for your travel business.”

One example of her use of social media was an old friend referring her to a group of new friends after establishing contact with Small on Facebook. A $40,000 honeymoon sale was the result of this contact. Small also contacts suppliers using Twitter to let them know about bookings and sends hotels individual tweets to let them know a client is on their way. Simple tips that Small recommends are that travel agents choose a Twitter name including the word ‘travel’ and also retweeting messages to spread the word.

This seems to be a great illustration of business generating revenue with social media. Have you used social media successfully in your travel business, or any other business? Let us know with your comments.