Samsung D9500 3D TV 75-Inch: World’s Largest LED-Backlit

If you’re in the market for a real whopper, and we mean a new TV, then we have news for you. This latest Samsung HDTV has been announced for Korea with no news yet on where else it may become available but it’s really worth looking at. The 75-inch Samsung D9500 3D TV is the world’s largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV.

The D9500 surpasses the LG 72-inch LZ9700 which briefly held the title and has all the usual features you’d expect a Smart TV to have, including a 240Hz display and QWERTY flip remote for SNS and web browsing, which we imagine would be superb on that huge screen. The pricing is a bit vague as Richard Lai over on Engaget, sourced from Samsung, tells us that only an ex-factory price is so far available which equates to around $17,600. Pre-sales begin late this month and the price then will no doubt be higher.

Other features include Black Diamond Panel, Secret Design, Smart Hub, 3D Hyperial Engine. You can see more images of the D9500 over on CrunchGear who point out the downside to this Samsung 3D TV, is having to wear active shutter 3D glasses for 3D viewing. All the same it still has us excited.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung D9500 LED 3D TV with its whopping display? Do you have a room big enough for this impressive TV? Let us know with your comments.

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