PSN Back Up Online In 3 Weeks, Justified?

The Sony PSN outage is enough to no doubt send many of you “over the edge” with news of when it will finally resume. Since the PlayStation Secure Network went down on Wednesday 20th April, we have heard nothing but if’s and but’s from Sony as to when the service will finally come back. Following on from the PSN being hacked and then personal information such as credit cards, names and addresses of users being subjected to being tampered with, people have been left with a “bad taste in their mouths.” Today news may change gamers minds even more, with a view to changing over to Xbox to get their gaming fix.

Reported from via, the news is bleak! Rumor is now indicating that gamers will have to wait until at the least the 31st May to have the service back up and running. This actually would tie in with a post we issued a week ago indicating the self same thing. have reported that the PSN has a target of “May 31” to come back online.

Just over a week ago, Sony held a conference giving its customers a huge apology for the downtime, news of a “Welcome Back” campaign along with suggestion that they were indeed trying to fix the problem(s) with a view to resuming the service within the following week. Unfortunately that time has been and gone and if the news does end up with some truth in it, many of you will be saying a “few choice words.” Take a look at some of the other posts we gave you the weekend.

We told you that Sony is looking to entice customers with a new “debix” protection data service which is free until June, and just last night we told you that rumor has it, Sony may be retailing a PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops package for $299.99 to entice customers to come back to them.

Are you ready to jump ship now? Have you had more than enough or are you prepared to wait? The big question is of the timescale customers have had to wait, is it justified? Let us know your thoughts.

  • Sony hater

    30th c u later Sony xbox here I come

    • Dave

      Just because you can’t play online?

      All of you guys jumping to xbox really need to get a life.

  • argh!!

    you know what! fuck there taking the piss now!!
    if psn isnt back up by may 31st damn it. im expecting a full refund for my ps3 console.. pads.. games.. headset.. downloads.. and also my psp too!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigs

    Not gonna buy a shitty system but you’re saving for a wii 2? Irony.

  • Jack Tamaki

    I love Sony and I do own a 360 from the older era but once PSN’s fully operational, I can’t wait to game back on their servers with hopes that this stuff never happens again.

  • Kenneth Drinkall

    My credit card was stolen and someone purchased plane tickets as this card is the only thing tied to PSN. I was upset because they did not have the nerve to ask me if I wanted to go with them. I think they should give current owners at least a year free for their protection service. Until June is ridiculous. PAH! PS. you taste like dirty socks in my mouth now. Shame on you..

    • Clarity

      The June deadline is just for the sign up for the ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection. The actual coverage is for a full year. I will provide you the link from the PlayStation blog for further details.

  • eric

    Why would u get xbox.. This down time will make you study in school alot more . cause ye kids need all the learning ye need.. and for people finished school.. get a job.. girlfriend or a dog.. yer just a number to song and Mircosoft.. they don't care bout ye peeps

  • Nicholas Finnegan

    The xbox is rubbish and i'll never buy one… my bro has one and it's collecting dust. Xbox sucks, PS3 for life. Plus… why on earth would I PAY to be onlie?? Give me a break, that's never going to happen.

  • Todd

    I am frustrated too and honestly I would love to have an xbox right about now, but I don’t have the luxury to get rid of my ps3 and my 30 some games for an xbox. I’ll end up with less games, I’ll lose all my saves and downloadable games, AND I’ll lose all the progress I’ve made in online games like call of duty. I’m not happy with this outage at all, but I’d rather wait it out than completely start from scratch and spend months rebuilding my gaming portfolio. Get real people. It’s only a few weeks. It’s not like you can’t spend that time playing a single player game.

  • mario

    you know what really sucks is ps3 sending me emails about whats new in the store,icant get on stop sending me emails until the net is up and running


    Wasnt xbox live down for weeks not so long ago? Funny how people forget

    • Pablo

      They were offline but for less than two weeks and yet rewarded thyr customers with way better.

  • peter

    i duno i have an xbox … but havent touched it for a while … i like me trophies

  • HotDog_Man

    The thing that makes me really mad about Sony is that they do not uphold a promise. If your top exec's are saying…no…"promising"….PSN will be back online in a week, then you better make dam sure it is up in a week. Since that "Promise" has now been broken….every other statement from Sony will be worthless to me in the future. Even if you happened to find more damage then you expected, you don't make a promise unless you are positive you can uphold it….period!

    "Take away our multiplayer video games, and we will survive…..take away our trust in your company, and you won't survive." ———– HotDog_Man

    • Suysb

      Calm down lad

  • Krome8

    Even though I'm pissed off with Sony after reading that they are looking to 31st may to get back online. I still am prepared to wait. Rather than waste money on a stupid xbox

  • Alex409

    For those of you complaining about PSN being down and going to get an xbox, why dont you go outside instead and get some fresh air cuz its clear you cant live without online. Try getting a life, its fun.

    • terry

      be quite alex409 – you know nothing and have nothing worth while saying, if people wan't to go get an xbox because psn is down thats up to them and there's not many people that blames them apart from dumb pointless people like you.

  • joe

    screw this sht may 31st goin tommorw to buy the x box screw u sony

  • mattk22

    i got an xbox but not because of psn issues because of fable games
    and other xbox only game
    only costed bout £80

  • tr33z

    Umm….why not just do like me and buy an crapbox…and then return it when psn comes back online?

  • CharlieInDowney

    Well I'm as hell pissed! But I will never..I repeat…NEVER will I trade my PS3 for an XBox! NEVER! OVER MY DEAD BODY!

  • Alan DogPorn

    Could sony organise a pss up in a brewery? They would forget to make any beer. Shambolic clowns need a can of whoopass opened on their japanese asses. The man to do it is graham growler – there's no-one fouler.

  • Leo

    I've passed 3 whole games in single player since this went down and expected it to be on by now. Now I'm pissed off. At least I managed to get over 20 trophies :)

  • Pablo

    Xbox did go offline but for less than two weeks and yet rewarded thyr customers with way better.

    Yes it is true, gamers should use this time to do more active thigs. But the fact that Sony is treating their customers like this, is unacceptable.

    If the PSN is not back this week, I would expect the “welcome back” project have more pleasing attributes like a Game of our choice and $50 on my PSN account.

    I’m not switching to XBox, but I am thinking about buying one. People wont join XBL because it’s $50/year. Seriously of you don’t have $4.15 in one month then you are just Extreamely lazy!

  • Michael

    It’s not like Sony enjoys psn outages. Theyll fix it when they fox it, so Cool it Fattys and take the time to get some exercise

  • jack

    if sony wants anyone to stick to the ps3 heres what they should do;
    1) instead of some random crap for welcome back they should give 3 month of playstation plus, and 1 month for any new members
    2) our choice of 3 games instead of just us picking 2 games out of 5
    3) put all good ps3 exclusives on the PS store ex: uncharted, god of war, resistance etc… the point of exclusives is so that you only get them for this system,
    4) cut PS store prices in half
    if sony does this it might show us that they care at least a little bit
    please copy and paste this on any website you know so sony might read this

  • panthersfan

    To everyone that is tired of waiting and needs there online fix.why not run down to RAC and pay like $25 a week and just rent a 360 while PSN is down.its a cheap solution.its better than spending $200 on a 360 when psn might be back up anyday now.just my 2cents

  • Ben

    I will wait for PSN to come back, I really don't have the cash for an Xbox or XBL, but this is getting annoying. They missed there first deadline they gave.. Not much offered in return. Am I the only person that thinks a 1 in 77mil chance of having my details stolen is small enough not to worry about? Hackers can have my debt!

  • seth

    psn down 3 weeks……..and now its gonna be 3 more

  • http://None Smelly joe

    I just want to play black ops I love the l96a1 and I’m pritty good with it but if I can’t play until march 31st I will be pissed I mean Sonys good and all but seorisly they got hacked whatever you do don’t get an xbox

  • Devin Caroll

    Well… Buying a PS3 a few months ago was a waste. Anyone wanna buy a PS3? I'm gonna go play my 360, I always liked it more anyway.

  • Orsh

    I had enough, ( " April 27, May 6, May 31 " ) Sony; at first you were cool but now you are the worst fuking lier, crappy system that mankind could had ever create! I am sorry , but i must switch to Xbox of shit. I know it sucks and nothing compared to PS3 , but it is better than nothing which it is what you are offering us. Who knows when will you fix the Network if ever. And that 30 Day PSN Plus, and other pathetic mini rewards are not worth the wait. At least you could have been honest about the hack and deadline!!!

  • casper

    meh I still won't touch an xbox…

  • danneyboy

    i hope people can give sony a chance, it as been a big attake for sony…if it goes out the same way again then you will now to switch.

    • Robert Sinclair

      no we shouldnt give them a break they should have told us the truth in the first pklace

  • Paul

    I play every few days, mainly to release my stress by blowing shit up when my girlfriend gets on my tits and it normally works. If my girlfriend and i break up, il blame you sony ;). Xbox is basicly out dated now and theres really no point in buying one, il stick with psn all the way, but dissapointed by the news. If it do's not go back online by may 31st, i believe many of us will be angry at the fact that you cant keep to your word, which is what is mainly getting me. Security is the priority here guys, so chill with your girlfriend, have a few beers and relax and play multi. As much as it pisses us all of, im sure it will be worth the wait.

  • ya-mums-pimp

    all u ppl "im getin an xbox!"get over it, go outside and play small children, yea ill b the first 2 admit thay let me down by not having the system as strong as it could b but i like the PS3 n yea it sucks that the PSN is down but once it comes up it will b all good, and i bet any money the new security system will be very very strong, i get that ppl r unsure of sany atm but wen it comes bak on ul all c, n all these ppl bitching will b over it in a few months lol

    to all the ïm geting an XBOX now!" grow up, this could happen to anyone, its even happened to banks so instead of bitching about sony WHY DONT YOU PUT SOME BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS, THE STUPID HACKERS WHO DID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE

  • steve

    i am only paying for the internet to play online so sort it out. am paying 40 pound a month for nath all. and all wheregettin is shity playstastion plus. thats no good to us. its only 10 pound a month any way. who are yes kiddin. is a joke. and its on you sony. your this big flash company. that carnt back ye selvs up. u will never be trusted again. i new i should ov stayed on xbox. u mite after pay. put ye dont get no shit. and the consoles are cheaper. just sort it out and shuv ye playstation plus where the sun dont shine.

  • robert

    bye bye sony thanks for nothing just a piece of rubbish console the xbox ,ight over heat but at least it work for a while

  • your silly

    Why don't you play on a pc instead

  • Waiter

    Well psn is my life. I dont care what anyone says. Ill sufer and wait. Frig that outside caper. You could get shot or robbed :-p

  • Waiter

    Xbox gets hacked every day. They let it

  • Matt

    Not that I want it to happen, but all those that are going to get an Xbox I will laugh at you if when PSN comes back online XBL is then hacked and taken down.

    If you get stressed/angry over PSN being down you need to relax and maybe do face to face interaction with people rather than virtual interaction.

  • jack embleton

    Herd the fucking state of all of yous just go and claim your dole for 2 weeks and get yourself a fuking green smelly xbox you dirty little paki now go back to your own country and smell of curry all your life you absolute filthy dirty hanger 12!

    Read the state of this comment because its the state of YOU! and you will never and i mean never be as good as me on PS3!

    • Suysb

      Bit of a handbag aren’t ya

  • terry

    sony you are pethetic – yor treating customers like dirt, hardly any communication no estamate date to when it will be back online i've got a sony laptop, tele, and ps3 and i swear i'll never buy anything from sony ever again and i've also had enough of being ignored so i'm going out today and buying an xbox and will take great pleasure in burning my ps3! no amount of compensation could ever make me change my mind as it could never excuse the complete lack of respect you've shown so you stick it where the sun don't shine you poor poor excuse of a company.

  • Thomas

    OMG, kids these days are so fucking spoiled and whining little bitches. YES psn is off because of a group of very smart criminals that fucked up there current system because these guys have no live but hacking. Sony is not really to blame about this issue and fuck man, do something else this month… go outside and fuck a nice girl for example… my god I hate gamers of today. I am hoping Sony will be back with better protection than before and I will keep enjoying there exclusive games till the end. Go sponsor Microsoft you fucking little bitches, please go, because I don't want to game with spoiled assholes like you whining guys. PlayStation is still the shit, I am playing the shit out of Kratos on Mortal Kombat, go find him on you stupid Xbox…and yes I had an Xbox… it really sucks… you get lesser content and the almost nothing (good) is exclusive except for Gears of War III then. Bye bye I hope all not understanding gamers die of aids.

    Are you going to blame a train company when a train gets robbed by motherfuckers?

    • Geek

      If you think the outage is a result of the intrusion then you are not very bright, there is no commercial system that does not maintain secure and most likely offsite backup. Restoring the PSN would have been trivial. NO the intrusion provided an opportunity for Sony to re-eningeer the system and blame someone else for the outage. You will find a more secure and profitable (For Sony) service. The only other other alternative to this theory is that Sony had no disaster recovery strategy and many accounts are now gone, an unlikely case.

      But wait.. you can trust everything Japanese corporations have to say, especially Fukashima Daichii.

  • crazyjay91

    What the fuck 31 st of may o my god man i am seriously thinking about changing to Xbox

  • Lee Robinson

    if u are hacking sony please stop hack xbox