New Apple iMac 2011 Review Roundup: Conclusive Stuff

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the recent Apple iMac 2011 refresh with official specs, full pricing details, a look at the new iMac vs. the 2010 model, souped up WiFi and also details of speed tests. Now we thought it would be interesting to give you a review roundup on the 2011 Apple iMac refresh.

As a brief recap the new iMac comes in 2 versions of 2 sizes, a 21.5-inch and 27-inch model, feature the new quad-core Sandy Bridge Core i5 processors as standard with configurable i7 options, and we also saw the much-wanted Thunderbolt ports. The new iMac also features 4GB of memory as standard, configurable up to 16GB and the base model has a 500GB hard drive. There’s also a new Facetime HD webcam.

The first review we looked at was from the ever-reliable Engadget, by Tim Stevens. Although it’s pointed out that cosmetically there’s no change the improved speeds were noted and configurations mean they can be “properly quick.” Stevens looked at the 27-inch model with core i5 processor at 3.1GHz and praised the LED-backlit display though had some misgivings about the SD card slot position and also that of the power button. Overall though, it was felt that for general consumers the standard 21.5-inch version would be more than adequate and with a much more reasonable price and Stevens concluded that for “ease of setup, aesthetic appeal, and overall performance and flexibility, the iMac is as hard to ignore as ever.”

Over on Electric Pig, Ben Sillis gives another review of the refreshed 2011 iMac and gives it a great rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Particularly noted was the “astounding performance” although screen glare was a real issue. The pricing got a thumbs up for real value. The overall verdict though, was that “the best all-in-one machine is now the best value one too,” and that it is now the “best desktop machine full stop.” However Sillis ends his review by asking if anybody really needs a desktop anymore, which certainly gives food for thought.

Another review is hugely comprehensive and comes from Leander Kahney on Cult of Mac. Kahney also tested the 27-inch model with 3.1GHz processor and notes the great software included on the iMac. Although there were downsides found, such as no Blu-Ray, getting over-hot, ports on the back, no USB 3.0 or HDMI and more, the new iMac still managed to receive a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ultimately it was described as “a great all-in-one desktop for a reasonable price,” offering everything you need. Particular praise went to the “screaming fast GPU,” built-in HD webcam and high-density display.

The final review we looked at came from Computer Shopper by Jonathan Rougeot who tested the 21.5-inch version. The new iMac received a rating of 8.9 out of 10 with pros including the superb performance and design and cons including no Blu-Ray or HDMI port (again). The overall conclusion was that with the speed improvements and Thunderbolt port, the new iMac “keeps an iron grip on its position as today’s leading all-in-one PC.”

It’s all pretty conclusive stuff I think you’ll agree and if you had any doubts as to whether the new iMac was for you, hopefully the review roundup may have helped you decide. Let us have your thoughts on the new Apple iMac 2011 by sending us your comments.

  • Parsley Snipe

    Who needs a desktop anymore? Well…. anyone with a daytime job that's not in outside sales. Are these pups going to do all their business between lattes on the run? Maybe not.