Lonely Island Go Viral With Michael Bolton & The Jack Sparrow Song

Here at OSM we have great fun scouring YouTube for the funniest videos we can find, this task is made easier due to the fact that most of the clips we bring you are currently very popular and are trending. In previous posts we have brought you many great clips like The Slow Mo Guys 6ft Water Balloon and The Finger On Uranus Millionaire Blooper.

The next clip that were bringing you has been racking up a vast amount in views since it was uploaded a couple of days ago, Lonely Island fans out there will enjoy this new offering just as much as they did with the Nicki Minaj mash-up The Creep. Named Jack Sparrow this song which features Michael Bolton will have you laughing for hours.

In the flicker we see the guys from the island joined by singer-songwriter Bolton who adds his unique twist to their tune, this twist comes in the form of a mini movie montage mash-up. Not only content with providing the lyrics we also get to see Bolton dress up as several movie characters including Forest Gump, Erin Brockovich, Tony Montana and of course Captain Jack Sparrow.

With many great songs under their belt it’s no wonder why so many stars are tripping over themselves to collaborate with The Lonely Island guys, as they have a new album out on May 10th tilted Turtleneck And Chain it could be interesting to keep track on the guys YouTube channel to see what new stars arise in future duets.

What are your thoughts on this video? Are you a fan of Lonely Island? Did it make you laugh as much as all their previous videos?

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