History of the Camera In Pictures: Development of an Industry

Here at OSM some of our most interesting features concern infographics and recent examples have included one on the Royal Wedding and Social Media, a world without Twitter and also a look at how U.S. security concerns are at an all time high. Now we have details of an infographic for all you photography enthusiasts, showing the history of the camera and development of the industry.

I may be giving my age away when I recall special occasions being recorded on my Kodak instamatic and the thrill of seeing that glossy wet picture emerge. Then of course there was the excitement of opening the packet containing the photographs you had to send off to a developers’ before you could view. Those born much later than myself will never know what it’s like not to be able to see pictures that you’ve just taken instantly but may be interested in looking at the infographic, dating camera history from the beginning to current day.

News of the infographic came to us from Shane Snow over on Mashable and begins with a look at camera obscura circa 1000 AD, moves on to 1826 when a silver and chalk mixture was used and then moves on to plate cameras of the 1850s. After several more eras we move on to instant cameras of 1948 (popularized in the 1960s), the first digital cameras and finally end up with smartphone camera apps.

Take a look at the infographic at the Mashable link above and tell us what you think. Do you remember the heady days of the first instamatic cameras or opening that envelope of photographs to find everybody’s heads cut off? Let us know with your comments.