Google Android Widens The Market Share Gap At RIM’s Expense

Something that has long been talked about is the competition between Google and Apple in terms of the cell phone market and the opposing operating systems that they offer their customers. Apple for the last few years pretty much dominated the market unopposed until Google Android came about.

The iOS is still favored by many people however it has already given up its crown as the most used OS in the market. They aren’t the only ones who have lost their grip on the audience, whilst Google Android widens the market share gap it’s at RIM’s expense. The BlackBerry devices simply haven’t been up to scratch unless of course you are a diehard BlackBerry fan then they has been brilliant!

With that being said we recently read a report over on Engadget where Donald Melanson is talking about the market share stats from Comscore. The graph that we have embedded below certainly tells a story of what consumers are favoring in the US, Google Android between December and March has made a 6.0 point gain taking their market share to 34.7%.

Other competitors include RIM who lost 4.5 points over the same period. Other manufacturers registering a loss are Microsoft and HP/Palm who each lost 0.9 points reducing their tiny share even further. Apple was the only other manufacturer to make a gain and that was 0.5 points. We would urge you to head over to the Comscore article to read through some of the other stats but all in all, things are looking pretty good for Google Android.

What do you think of the Comscore stats? Are you surprised to see Google Android running away with it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.