Facebook Page For Tornado Victims: Lost-and-Found

When tragedies happen around the world the way that people unite using social media is something nothing short of amazing. Look at all the different ways that the likes of Facebook helped with the Tsunami in Japan not so long ago, that’s a prime example of making use of social networking for the good of mankind.

Now we have heard about a Facebook page for Tornado victims for Lost-and-Found. We learned of this through allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen where she has added an article talking about the tragedy. Within it Cohen mentions that the Facebook page is aimed at reconnecting the storm survivors with their photos and memorabilia that has been scattered miles away.

There’s been a lot said about the Tornado but the creators of the page have put together one of the most touching videos we have seen. The narrator says that following the tornado she saw a lot of destruction and that there were items falling from the sky, letters, books and pieces of metal. Then she saw something at the side of the road, an ultrasound picture. This is when it really starts to hit home. Watch the video at the bottom of this article.

The narrator also says something really thoughtful that if these people survived and that ultrasound picture is all they have left, then they will undoubtedly want it back. This is a great act in the name of man so please support this especially if you have found someone’s memorabilia by joining the Facebook Red Cross page on this link.

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