US Security Concerns Reach Serious Level: Infographic Shows

Here at OSM we often bring you infographics, which depict information and statistics in an easily-digestible form. A couple of recent examples include one on the Royal Wedding and social media and another with a light-hearted look what a world without Twitter would be like. However today’s infographic illustrates rather more gloomy news about U.S. security concerns and how they are reaching a serious level.

The feeling of security is very fluid and many of us worry about our financial situations, national security and also personal data and credit card security. News of this Unisys infographic comes to us from Charlie White over on Mashable and according to Unisys the U.S. Security Index is up to 164, described as a “serious level of concern,” and an all-time high. Only six months ago the index stood at 136 and the infographic details very clearly, exactly what Americans are concerned about. You can view the complete infographic below this story.

The survey was conducted in mid-February from randomly selected individuals and it’s worth remembering that since then there has been more security concerns such as the Sony PlayStation network hacking and also of course the death of Osama Bin Laden so the latest Security Index figures could be even higher. Some people of course, may feel reassured at the death of the al-Qaeda leader but others may feel more insecure because of the possibility of retaliation.

When asked what they were most worried about securing, a whopping 70% of respondents said ‘personal information,’ with 68% saying ‘credit card security,’ 67% ‘national security,’ 50.5% ‘online shopping/banking,’ 48.9% ‘meeting financial obligations,’ 48.6% ‘viruses/unsolicited emails,’ and 29.6% ‘personal safety.’ There are then statistics of why people should be concerned and it seems that Internet security is the fastest-growing area of concern. The infographic then looks at fears about national security and potential terrorist targets with details following of why people should be worried about this.

Following this the infographic looks at the whistleblowing website Wikileaks and shows a mixed response about whether the site is good or bad. It then takes a look at financial worries with the statistic that worrying about paying bills is at its highest level in 5 years, with 49% expressing unease about this. It really is a fascinating infographic so take a look below at the full details and statistics and let us know what you think. Does the infographic reflect the current level of your own security concerns?