Sony PSN Restoration Update Asks For Your Trust: Do They Have It?

The Sony PlayStation Network fiasco just goes on it seems and we’ve now posted many articles keeping you informed with the latest developments on the PSN outage. Yesterday OSM’s Tim Ollason told how internal testing was now taking place, information that came from the latest PlayStation blog statement. Today we want to concentrate on another part of that statement which asked Sony PSN users for their trust and our question today is, do they have it?

When our Maddy Rowe also told yesterday of further delays to the PSN restoration we noted that there was still no date available, or any indication at all, of when the PSN would be up-and-running again. We know from the response to our previous stories on this, just how many of you feel let down and also angry about the way Sony has handled this situation.

Today we’re focusing on part of the statement which read, “We know many of you are wanting to play games online, chat with your friends and enjoy all of the services PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have to offer, and trust me when I say we’re doing everything we can to make it happen.” So Patrick Seybold, Sony’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media, is asking PSN users to trust the company. However, given the extent of the hacking and the fact that users are still no wiser as to when the Sony PSN will be back, maybe asking for users’ trust is expecting a little too much?

With the hacking affecting millions of PSN users and reports of credit card data being compromised we reckon that Sony is a little amiss asking for trust, especially as many people trusted the statement they released a week ago saying that services would start to be restored within the week. This pledge was reneged on during the most recent statement with Sony placing the blame on the fact that when they made that pledge it was based on what they knew at the time. Sony added that the extent of the attack had not been realized.

Many users have already said they won’t trust Sony with credit card details again, instead preferring to use Sony PSN gift cards from now on but the issue of trust is not just a financial one. Have we lost trust in what Sony tells us from now on, and ultimately, will this skepticism lead to consumer trust in Sony products falling? We’re really interested to know how you feel about this issue of trust and whether you feel let down by the latest update and lack of detail on the restoration of the PSN service, so please do let us have your comments on this.

  • JORN

    XBOX Live – $60.00/year – secure servers
    PSN – FREE – unsecure servers/easily hacked/100 million accounts compromised
    Ladies and gentlemen, take note – you get what you pay for.

  • joe

    First off there is nothing wrong with wanting to switch to to another system after what Sony has done. Anyone saying get a life is hypocritical, if your on this website there’s a reason, most probably you like to game.

    Frankly what Sony has done is 100% their fault! There were running outdated security and they knew it. So don’t give me your “I support Sony” crap. They got themselves into this mess, for their lack of caring about your personal info. Anyone wanting to switch should do so, I would if I could afford to. This lack of caring on Sonys part is ridiculous, no time frame, and when they give one they break it.

    • Craig Michael Patrick

      Correct, feeling disenfranchised by Sony due to recent events absolutely gives gamers the right to switch to another platform. As a consumer, we all control our own wallets (or purses).

      But let’s put the record straight, shall we?

      First, Joe, you’d do well to verify the content you communicate on the web. Regarding the ‘Sony’s using outdated software’ myth making the rounds on the Internet, I refer you to this link:

      Sony’s web server software was, in fact, up-to-date.

      Second, Sony DID indicate a time frame. Within a week, as I recall. The challenge in dealing with infrastructural issues is you have to give yourself some wiggle room, just in case. So a good policy is to keep it vague, amorphous. In this instance, they didn’t make their self-imposed deadline. Bummer, that.

      Now, if you feel as though you’re safer on Microsoft’s servers, by all means, plug your credit card into their system and enjoy the next inevitable Halo or Gears of War. By all means. But this much I can tell you: no system is hack-proof (disclaimer: I’ve worked on the Internet and in technology since … well … there WAS an Internet).

      That’s just the way of it these days.

      Game on.

  • Tom

    i love how all of u psn users are still moaning on about how 'xbox sucks, go and join the shitty subscriptions, you have to pay for online, PSN is best thats why they attacked it' well no your wrong im not saying that PSN is bad or that xbox is the best to start a fan war but why do you think we pay for online to keep microsoft from letting this happen the money we spend on live goes towards security, videos, extra updates, inside xbox and more. Just grow up all you PSN users don't say ur going to trade in just do it because frankly nobody cares. Sony are trying there best to get it back on track and your constant yammering is no help just let them do there job and take whats given in appreciation instead of moaning; they could just say 'No were not going to fix psn now were going to leave it how it is.' but they're not going to do that so grow up, leave them to do what they need to do and let them fix it withhout complaining about other consoles I mean come on some of you are giving Xbox the blame well just stop and all those little kids out there who keep on saying stuff about this its time to see what real life is like and grow up.

    • James

      Slightly weird aren’t you I think you need to get a life! This is what the real worlds like WTF !! Get a lif

      • Tom

        how should i get a life no matter where i go i hear people moaning about this or xbox players loving the fact that its down and the fact is its just life that problems come and go people shouldnt be moaning about things like this. They should go out woth there friends and not sit on a console all day its all im saying there was no need for you to say to me get a life i was just vouching my view so accept its my opinion and with your comment it kind of enhances my point that because PSN is down everyone is moaning bout something… just saying.

    • Josh

      FInally someone speaks the truth start a revolution Tom!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

  • Tom

    ^^Sorry for the rant and all im going to say now is good luck all you PSN users who are'nt complaining on getting PSn back and if you want to come on xbox we'll all be happy to welcome you.

  • Deep Smoke

    Hackers are not real, they are just made by Sony to cover up their mess. FSOB Sony!!!

  • jd

    Sony (and not just with PS3) has developed a pattern of behaviour that I most certainly DO NOT trust. They are hostile to their customers, are brutally short sighted, and pick “fights” they have no business picking. If you love corporations that lock everything down and throw lawyers at everything, I suppose you might “trust” Sony.

    They’ve brought all of this on themselves, and by doing so, brought it upon me.

    So no, I don’t trust Sony to be honest with me, I don’t trust Sony with control over my systems or software, I don’t trust Sony will tell the truth about what has happened to PSN, and I don’t trust Sony will learn their lesson until they are a crippled shell of the great company they once were.

  • Deep Smoke

    Guys Im a PS3 gamer but Guys common let us shift to XBOX. Will throw my FSOB PS3 out of the window…

  • Gaz


  • Blair

    I have been with SONY now since the beginning, im angry thats the psn is down but no more so if my tv had went faulty on me so im sure all will come good soon, as for the card fraud i work for a major UK bank in the credit card dept and i have had numerous calls with people wanting to cancel there cards which i have at there request, but on the back of that i nor have any of my collegues seen a single issue that would be concluded as credit card fraud directly liked to the psn being hacked.

  • David York

    give SONY a break people & go & spend some quality time in the "real world" that is all bright and sunny 😉
    and remember folks,it isnt just SONY that have had issues like this.there have been many attacks on many large companies that now seem to be flavour of the year for Hacktivists.
    in March there were several attacks on :-
    online marketing company EPSILON , who hold details for many companies inc.
    HILTON !!!!!!!
    so please just be aware that it isn't ENTIRELY Sony's fault, although, like many people out there, i feel that they could have maybe handled the situation better with more meaning/relevant information being relayed to customers with some sort of (even vague) time-frame for the services being restored.
    just be patient peeps and go get a tan o walk the dog and generally faff about until Sony's gr8 FREE service returns and DON'T STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO ON ANY WEBSITE IF U WANT TO KEEP IT SAFE.
    by all means use credit cards online,as its relatively safe,just DON'T STORE your info on any sites

  • Rebecca

    It is totally unfortunate that this has happened but this could have happened to any platform. It could have easily happened to Microsoft and us PS3 users would be sitting here thinking "Thank f*ck I'm with Sony!" So I think trading in your PS3's for xbox's is a bit daft, especially considering that the PSN network is free…and the PS3 is still better in my mind. So I'm not angry at Sony for the hack, as that isn't their fault, but I am annoyed at the fact that it was over a week later that I was finally sent an email outlining what had happened. If anyone did obtain useable credit details, just think what damage they could do with that in a week! If Sony had kept us updated on the situation then I would have no issue with how things were handled. As for the fact that no date has been set for the return of the PSN, well as far as I'm concerned they can take another 6 months if they need it, just as long as they are 100% sure that when it is up and running again that we will have complete security. I would rather be safe than sorry.
    So maybe my trust has wavered slightly with Sony, but I'm still behind them 100%

  • David York


  • Snap

    Trust…..they want our trust?

    The financial thing can be taken care of. Credit card #’s can be changed & people will be smarter & use gift cards!

    Trusting them when they say “services will be restored in a day or two” or “by the end of the week”, thats where the issue is now! Haven’t they heard of “over promise & under deliver”? They’re gonna keep giving away more free stuff for every week that goes by & may lose more than a few customers with the continued teasers or kite of when the system will be back online, you can put your “trust” in that!

    • Snap

      Oops….kite should be lies.

  • Craig Michael Patrick

    Interesting article, Debbie.

    Years ago, Sony was a trusted name. You could go to the local shopping mall and purchase a Sony television, content in both quality and durability. Sony products used to be great and the name associated with superior craftsmanship.

    In the past several years, not so.

    Sony’s middle-aged now, its bloated and byzantine corporate structure is counterproductive to the demands of technology and it imposes its will on consumer demand (i.e., 3D televisions – a flop based on latest statistics, etc.). Articles I’ve read suggest Sony operates divisional cells, all competing with one another for consumer dollars, allowing smaller, more lithe companies like Apple to surface and wrest control of the Walkman market with shiny iPods and iPhones.

    Does Sony deserve our trust? Does Microsoft? Does Nintendo or Apple?


    Buyer beware.

  • Ya Dads Hairy Chest

    The Playstation 3 in my opinion is the better console and it has the better games. but you stupid idiots think that PSN is better than xbox live, you clearly haven't played an xbox online. Why do you think from the start you had pay to play online on the xbox and free for the ps3, because the xbox is better it has dedicated service, you get stuff earlier than the ps3 such as call of duty maps, you have cross game chat n shit like that.

    C'mon you ps3 fanboys this is good for ya. Get up off ya asses, get out a little n stop being couch potatoes.

    • Tom

      well said mate ps3 is a good console and Xbox live is a better service than PSN now that u have made that point the people that read these comments might open up there minds and realise there is life outside there house.

  • Jizzonu

    how much longer???

  • Nikos

    how much longer???

  • AndyG

    I would think about xbox live if they allowed debit cards as well as credit cards. I think that the lack of progress updates is most annoying. What is more annoying is that Sony was using outdated software protection and crossed its fingers that this would be ok. Playing Russian roulette with peoples details. This is not good enough for a multinational company. I trusted Sony, and they have let me and millions of others down… now get it back up soon and sort out this identity protection for European users even quicker.

  • KillarKat1000

    I believe Sony are working their socks off. And they must be really embarrassed to know that their predictions for completion were wrong and are probably working not only their socks off now, but the bottom of their feet too (if you get the idea). Sony have disappointed many customers (me included) with the uncertainty of what is happening and what has happened; as i am hearing lots of rubbish everywhere. One thing i have to say though is: Sony keep the good work up!!!

  • D-BOY 337

    To all xbox 360 fans u suck and to all those you are giving up on ps3 u should burn in gammer hell get out and thin go back in and burn again.

  • The Point

    I think the people who are claiming others should have a life without PSN are missing the point. In today's world if you are used to having something, going without is unbearable. If you have a car and you are used to driving your car around and suddenly it doesn't work wouldn't you be upset. You can either deal with it and walk/run/bike, you could complain about it and hope someone fixes it, or you can simply trade it in for something that does work. You can not get mad at a person or tell them " to get a life, go outside, have sex, etc etc" when they are simply upset something they are used to having is gone. I'm positive if people lost their cell phones or if we lost the internet itself you would be just as upset. Remember, these are things we do not need but have become accustomed to. It doesn't make it a right and that they have to be there but its simply something that is expected in this day and age.

    People who have already integrated PSN into their daily lives simply want to play.

    As far as Sony is concerned, there has to be better communication. Its understandable that a company would be hesitant to share the "real" information with us, but in a "crisis" like this they can only better themselves in all of our eyes if they begin opening up with details. Internal testing means what in your company? How are we not to assume "internal testing" is fancy for we are not doing anything yet? These little things would make all the difference in the world.

  • Austen Burness

    iv got an xbox 360 for sale!!!! been wrapped up for 2 years only a ps3 for me!!!!

  • The Point

    I think the people who are claiming others should have a life without PSN are missing the point. In today's world if you are used to having something, going without is unbearable. If you have a car and you are used to driving your car around and suddenly it doesn't work wouldn't you be upset. You can either deal with it and walk/run/bike, you could complain about it and hope someone fixes it, or you can simply trade it in for something that does work. You can not get mad at a person or tell them " to get a life, go outside, have sex, etc etc" when they are simply upset something they are used to having is gone. I'm positive if people lost their cell phones or if we lost the internet itself you would be just as upset. Remember, these are things we do not need but have become accustomed to. It doesn't make it a right and that they have to be there but its simply something that is expected in this day and age.

  • jonathan

    this is bull ive been waiting for a long time 2 get a ps3 and now that ive gotten it i couldnt even get online. i went to the store 2 see if something was wrong, and all they said was psn was hacked. i started yelling and right there in the store i broke the ps3. thats how pissed off i am at sony.
    ive been takeing my mind off of psn with buying airsoft guns. i play them everyday just to make time go faster. BUT NO! PSN IS STILL DOWN N YOU CANT GIVE US A DATE. WTF! SONY IVE BEEN TELLING EVERYBODY SONY IS BETTER THAN XBOX BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. IM OUT!

  • m.parvizi

    There is no more trust with all this shit story and promiss,ILL GET XBOX. nomore ps3

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    i have had enough of this it is now the 8th of may! and its still down they need to fix this now! : **** they have had enough time we have been patient but now even the patient have lost there patience! sony fix it! and fix it NOW not 1 weeks not 2 weeks NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • rolling _tone

    The Thing is.. Everybody is right! Sony has gone about this very wrong.They should have informed the customers earlier and should inform them properly and truthfully , as to whats happening and whats going to happen in the future when psn eventually does come back online. The ''gifts'' Sony is giving as a welcome back is probably satisfying for most of the users especially non-paying ones who get the chance to experience online download e.t,c. (very good marketing by the way).But the already paying users should in my opinion, be treated with a little extra care if you know what i mean. (having suffered the credit card info and trusting Sony in the first place). I buy most of my games at stores so then suppose i deserve good attention too.(Bit more then 30day trial)
    Having said that, Sony can hurry up an just patch things up and satisfy many angry users all over the world, but is that really what we want? I say take your time but fix it! And do it right. But mostly, NO more (pardon my french) bullshit! Don't get your fans hopes up and then just take it away.You were better off as a company to just say '' its gonna take us 2 weeks 3weeks,'' or ''guys we really don't know the extent of the damage hang in there we will getting done'' instead of just random dates!
    Sony is offering a free online gaming experience which is loved by many. Its free! So really they don't owe us anything as opposed to xbox were you pay and expect more.(excluding victims of credit card info theft which obviously pay through playstation) They owe us a proper explanation. Users are frustrated and are threatening to leave, some have already.
    I will be with PlayStation probably for all my life as i have been until now. From PS1 ,PS2, PS2slim and the best console on the market right now PS3….

  • Bullets0fButter

    Typical PS3 fanboy comments. Regardless of the hackers it's all Sony's fault in the first place for cutting corners with their security levels.

  • THOR

    im selling my PS3 wednesday if its not up almost three weeks………. WOW!!!!!!!!!
    i will use other sony products but no more PS3

  • Chad T

    Right if they wee not sure of the date don't post something and get people's hopes up just to confuse the community. I believe this could have been avoided to a certain extent. So Sony needs to be staight forward and stop B.S. the ps3 community.

  • Eoin

    free playstation plus isn’t giving us anything apart from discounts! So really there just encouraging us to buy more stuff

  • Lowernu82

    I dont trust Sony one bit. Nothing but false promises left and right!

    First date given was 1 to 2 days. Then within a week, then within a week again! Then on Thursday evening it was in the coming days?!?!!!

    Give me a break, quit stringing your customers along and give them the truth.

    Sony's just scared they're going to lose customers to XBL. If they continue leading customers down a dead end then they will lose them!

  • sgldda

    The situation is simple.

    Sony overreacted to a perceived threat that wouldn't have cost the company much in the big scheme of things, if realized, namely the game copying from Linux hackers. DS, Wii and Xbox were hacked long ago but did either company resort to removing a feature as significant as running a computer OS on a console? Hell no! Sony acted unethically to a minor threat IMO and took away access to a valued, and long supported by a community of unpaid developers, operating system from ALL PS3 owners. EPIC FAIL DECISION IMO.

    However, the result is that the world now knows that Sony does not do its product OR IT security correctly, in fact very incompetently. That is a HUGE RED FLAG for the market!

    I am so grateful that these devoted specialists (hackers to the uninformed) discovered this serious weakness in the Sony PS3 product and networks. While I am disappointed that I'm denied access to the PSN for such a long time, I'm happy that it MIGHT be repaired and secured properly eventually.

    Who is hurt you ask? Ha… Sony will recover easily based on their overpriced products and media. The companies that depend on the PS3 and PSN are the ones that will suffer only. Lost sales AND likely lost future sales will have serious repercussions on the smaller gaming developers and maybe even cause some to abandon the PS3. Perhaps that's a tad harsh, but entirely realistic.

    All we can do is wait patiently and pray the Sony learns from this saga and begins to treat its loyal gaming consumer base with a lot more respect and not just as a piggy bank for its rich executives.

  • Ricky Alvatraz

    Most of yall need to gtfu. They got HACKED after they took it down. Anonymous works for the people. Sony said that people hacked their ps3s and made it a dev console, with it they downloaded games for free. After sony noticed it, they took it down to punish ALL of us. After that Anon got busy so they hacked sony in retaliation. Sony are lairs and bluffers, they dont have my trust anymore, and to the hackers plz stop hackin them. The more you hack the more excuses they have to keep it down. Smh. Sony, doin shxt on purpose is NOT cool, and on another note. I think ony planted the anonymous file, so we would lose hope in our hackers. after THEY planted tthe file sony's WEBSITE went down. Anon are only interested in websites. Psn are only interested in your money. I wouldnt doubt if THEY stole the credit card info and are takin somethin like a dollar off of each and putting it in their pockets. As for the lying and the free stuff, I think its all a hoax just to keep us with psn. I for 1 isnt fallin for it, Sony are scum to me now and the fact that they keep lyin about their date makes it that much worse. I believe the psn is fixed! I think they're just keepin it down to punish some people for the jailbroken dev ps3s that downloaded free content. THERE WAS NO EXTERNAL INTRUSION! THEY TOOK IT DOWN THEMSELVES AFTER THEY NOTICED SOME PEOPLE WERE DOWNLOADING FREE CONTENT. AND THATS WHEN IT GOT HACKED, LIKE A WEEK AFTER. As for sony keepin it down that long, their tryin to put the blame on the hackers, when its really their faults. Like dayuum they're workin with homeland security, it doesnt take that long to resecure a system. My conclusion: as long as the psn is down sony are gonna keep sayin hackers hacked it, so it could stay down longer. Anon ONLY deals with WEBSITES thats why they took SOE down. I woulda took their website down too. Im not gonna get blamed every day because you need an excuse to keep it down.

  • soul_reaper-69

    when you purchase a ps3 or a movie or a windows OS ,you are bound by a user agreement, so people hackin the ps3 to steal free content or the wimps who cant play on an even playing field should be charged as well same as if they were caught with burnt movies or OS ,you rob the creators and force costs to rise, or like recently effect millions of customers who would like to see everyone involved in PS3 hacking charged. stop being thievin cowards use your system like the rest of us who stand by our user agreement. this should be a lesson for all of us in everchanging complex computer network driven society , look what a few cheap cowards with too much time on there hands have done to millions of honest people who paid honest money,they should be imprisoned and banned from anything computer related.

  • soul_reaper-69

    sony loses money on every ps3 console they sell, the make their money off of game sales, remember ps3 is alot more than just a gaming console ,it plays blueray and 3D movies as well as allows internet surfing and doesnt charge for online gaming…so if you want to talk overpriced and overcharged by a xbox 360 thats only half the machine as the PS3 ,and pay to go onto your already paid for internet and still cant browse the web . i have 3 PS3’s and 1 xbox 360 for a reason….PS3 is better all around ..ask the billions of virus infected microsoft windows users how long microsoft products have been hacked since windows came out… it took this long before sony could finally be affected and that in itself is amazing .PS.. remember sony invented the cd and cd drive , and the blueray..i

  • soul_reaper-69

    i hope sony catches the hackers and thieves ,and i hope everything they own is taken and thier wages garnished to pay for PSN losses.

  • MT32

    Sony charged a fortune for the PS3 when it was released, I had problems after about 10 months, which continued for ages and due to the lack of support from Sony ended up spending out on one of there "new" probably reconditioned units with a bigger HDD. This is really just what I expected from Sony, they do make good products, but at a premium price, for the prices they charge…maybe I'm wrong… I expect exceptional after sales support…. Although I now understand that this is not what you get when you buy "Sony"…. At the time I vowed never to buy anything Sony again…Apart from the playstation, but thats until something better comes along….

    Sony is incompetent!!!!!!