iPad 2 Light Leakage: Faulty LG Panels To Blame

When the iPad 2 was announced it seemed everyone on the planet was jumping for joy, however this joy seemed short lived upon the release of Apples eagerly awaited device. When the tablet PC started taking pre-orders we brought you news on the problems that were faced when using Apples website.

Of course the problems didn’t seem to stop there and people experienced more troubles with their devices, back in March Maddy Rowe brought us news on these iPad 2 defects. The major problem that people were experiencing was light leakage, according to recent rumors it now seems that faulty LG panels are to blame.

According to Christopher MacManus light leakage is a common fault in edge lit LCD panels, when the light spreads out from the bezel that surrounds the screen it can sometimes cause an inconsistent patchy display, this is magnified due to the fact that the screen is dark. You can read more on this in his post here at Cnet.

Although rumors suggest the fault may lie with manufacturers LG this post from Engadget tells us that LG were forced to reduce its shipments of displays upon realizing this fault. After this Samsung stepped in to pick up the slack, so it can be quiet difficult to determine who is actually at fault.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have an iPad 2 and suffer from this screen bleeding problem? Do you think Apple should have taken a bit more time to test these screens before using them?

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