YouTube Who Wants to be a Millionaire Blooper: Finger on Uranus

Here at OSM we enjoy bringing you news on the latest viral videos on YouTube and some recent examples were the 6ft water balloon, Kung Fooled and the ultimate dog tease. Now we have news of another great video that’s taking YouTube by storm, a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” blooper involving the planet Uranus, and you can see the video below this story.

In what must be one of the most cringe-making videos of recent times and certainly one of the most embarrassing for the lady concerned, the magic TV moment has now been viewed almost half a million times. The question being asked of the contestant called Rebecca was “Though most planets are named after Roman deities, what is the only one named for a figure in Greek mythology?” The choice of answers was Venus, Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus, which some might say was asking for trouble!

After saying she thought Jupiter was Roman, the contestant went on to ponder over Uranus but said, “I can’t even put a finger on Uranus.” Obviously this sounded very like something else which could be construed as rather rude and the expression on the presenter’s face and then the contestant’s as she realized what she said, is priceless. Needless to say it caused much merriment and shaking of heads in the studio and led the hapless contestant to say, “I didn’t mean to say that on television.”

It’s made us wonder what other classic TV bloopers due to a mix-up of words, there have been, so if you remember any or simply want to share your thoughts about this ‘Millionaire’ moment then send us your comments.

  • harlis

    If you are a butt of a pun,think of the Egyptian who was in de-nile saying"The eye-full tower
    is just a Paris site. Or a Zebra is the largest Bra they make. Is there more to come? Make
    us all happy, but be de-sent.