Twitter Top 10 Trends: This Week’s Count Is In

It’s that time of the week again where we report on the top things that have been trending on Twitter, the top 10 things that you have all been talking about courtesy of Mashable’s Matt Silverman. Last week’s chart was a mixed bag of tricks as we reported it when it was released only for the top 10 to receive an update warranting a second article.

Let’s jump straight in at number 10 with Owl City this hit the top 10 because Indonesian tweeters her stirring that the band Own City would be playing a concert on October 28th in Jakarta. Last week’s number 4 has plummeted down to 9th position and that’s the NBA Playoffs where many fans were talking about Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics had a run in.

The 8th spot went to Chris Brown as the R&B singer mainly because it was his birthday. The star turned 22 and his fans were wishing him well on his special day. In 7th position returns a regular in our charts, it’s the queen of Twitter Lady GaGa; this week’s return was mainly because of the newly released ‘Judas’ which also rocked the world of YouTube.

Ranking in 6th position was a strange day where geeks united to celebrate Star Wars Day, that’s right May 4th and a load of fans were tweeting “May the Fourth be with you!” it certainly made us chuckle. The 5th position went to Soccer/Football with more Champions League action for Manchester United who dissected the visitors Schalke, the retirement of Finland and Liverpool FC legend Sami Hyypia and of course the current best player in the world Lionel Messi.

In 4th spot this week is another regular in the top 10, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber! He managed to get young Casey ‘The Punisher’ Heynes to come on stage at his Melbourne performance and also tweeters were asking if they preferred the ‘Biebster’ or Bruno Mars. Position 3 in this week’s chart goes to Harry Potter where various characters were being talked about.

This week’s number 2 down one place from last week, its The Royal Wedding; this was mainly more talk about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s recent marriage. This week’s number 1 we weren’t surprised to see, that’s right you guessed it Osama Bin Laden. This has come following his death after he was killed by a small team of Navy SEALs in Pakistan; it prompted celebrations and a whole heap of malware on Facebook!

There we have it folks, this week’s top 10. Our prediction for next week’s number one, unless anything crazy happens we are going to go with Football/Soccer or perhaps The Kentucky Derby.

Are you surprised at any of the entries? Is there anything that’s not there that you think maybe should be? Let us know in the comments section below.