Sony PSN More “Excessive” Delays Expected: Xbox Now Option?

Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network has been down since Wednesday 20th April, with many of you left feeling disappointed and angry in relation to how the electronics company have dealt with the situation and so on. Since the outage began, we have done our best to update you as and when the news comes in.

In the last couple of days despite news that the service was looking to resume in Japan with others to follow, we have given you reports of new security measures being put in place, a “debix” protection data service being offered and news of a third hack due to take place this weekend.

To add fuel to the fire this morning, its been reported from Wall Street Journal that the subsequent deadline to get the service up and running sometime soon, will now not materialise leaving millions of you irritated and extremely angry. The news is that internal safety checks are now at least being carried out and put in place, for a new system to defend against hacking.

Currently Sony PlayStation have not confirmed when the service will be fully functional, of which an announcement was made on Friday evening. A statement from Patrick Seybold Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media said, “When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week. We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system.”

Reaction to the outage from gamers has been mixed, although the percentage of you feel let down and have commented that the excessive delays are now becoming “tedious.” This is something we reported on just over a week ago when we told you of how social networking site Twitter was being used as a way of airing your frustration. It seems a fair amount of you have turned to other means of getting your gaming fix be it Xbox Live and so on.

Many of our readers had already told us of how they were feeling when the outage first occured, but what about now? Has disappointment turned to anger? Let us know. Also have you taken any steps to protect yourself online now?

  • Callum

    well at least we know one thing about when PSN finally comes back:
    all the fickle fans are gone, now playing xbox live. good riddance, and let them put up with even more 12 year old screaming americans.
    those of us with actual lives aren't too bothered about the network going down and are just looking forward to it coming back. getting a 360 and Live never even entered the equation until sites like this started posting about it.

  • rob

    You probably shouldn't use the word excessive in quotation marks unless you're directly quoting someone. I see no mention of the word in your article. . Headlines are good things, especially when they're done properly.

  • Olympics

    I'm sick of you reporters. We aint stupid you know, we know you're trying to get people to buy an Xbox, what do you work for Microsoft or something now? Or have they bribed you like they do with most people?
    Just shut the fuck up and go play your xbox. The xbox gets hacked all the time, and has been hacked a hell of a lot more than the PS3 has. To add on top of that, it was down for 2 weeks a few months ago, just like the PS3 is now. And by the way, PS3 users will all get PSPlus free for a month! So it isnt all doom and gloom (which your trying to make it sound).

  • Andy

    Im not bothered, id rather it takes a bit longer and be safer and more reliable. Good luck sony and thanks for many years of FREE online gaming. I wont be selling my ps3

  • bendz

    Oh I can not wait for the dau when google news. lets people review the crap news or opinion pieces i have to be sift through. that could finally speel the end of these sites

  • Ashley

    To all you PSN fan boys who have absolutely no idea what your talking about, you mentioned earlier that xbox live went down a few months ago prior to this for 2 weeks when in actual fact your will find no source mentioning it at all because it didn't actually and i generally go on my xbox a few nights a week and i wasn't restricted to the offline features because once again it didn't happen. I don't really understand the jail break for ps3 so I cant comment but when you say hacking of the 360 what you actually mean is the modification of the console which will allow online mods but these are generally picked up on and over 1 million console have been banned online, most of you also talk about free gaming but if you think about its not so free when you lose your credit card details, other than that your'll sometimes have to pay for a purchase code for a modern second hand EA game. finally when you claim this site to be in partnership with microsoft, which part exactly says go out and buy an xbox because sony cant be trusted, its just says that people may choose it as they cant use psn. they use xbox live as an example because it too is an online gaming network similar to psn but if you read it properly it actually says "be it Xbox Live and so on" so on refers to more than just xbox live.

    • uplife

      X box live went down in January 2007 for 2 weeks and you pay for that.
      No network is 100% safe from hackers day to day they take down other sites networks
      just goggle it.
      As for xbox sold mine years ago due to the hacking of games even now seeing people on my sons one playing cod for 3 hours and tenth prestige and all the kids on xbox is horrendous

  • Jim

    I personally have been a Sony fan for some time and even though they network was hacked and its disappointing that they do not have a backup plan now they know now they will have a plan. Sony is already and exceptional system and this hiccup is just going to make Sony an even better provider for online gaming by making the have a safe secure network for us gamers. Sony is the way to go. I will not be giving up my system anytime soon.