Skype Security Flaw On Mac OSX Discovered

Recently here at OSM we have been bringing you a lot of news on both Apple Mac and Skype, in previous posts we have brought you information on the price and details of the new Apple iMac and we have also touched on the subject of both Google and Facebook looking to buy or tie-up with the peer-to-peer application.

The latest news we have to bring you involves both these big names together, for anyone out there that owns a Mac OSX device and uses this application keep reading as you may be want to know more about the latest security flaw that has been discovered within Skype.

In a post from Christina Warren she tells us that security researcher Gordon Maddern from the firm Pure Hacking has discovered quiet a major security flaw within the Skype application, this flaw will allow an individual to gain remote access to your computer by simply sending you a Skype message, You can read more on this by checking out her post over at

Although this flaw was discovered by Maddern well over a month ago users should not be too worried as the company insist that there is a patch on its way soon, according to this post from Ubergizmo until that patch comes Maddern will be keeping this exploit to himself to help ensure that no one can be affected.

This comes as good news to all knowing that there are some hackers out there that don’t use problems like this for personal gain, it’s a shame that the same can’t be said about whoever is behind the infamous Sony PSN hack.

Do you use Skype on your Apple Device? Will this sway you from using it until a software patch is released?

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  • exchangerates

    The new Skype for Mac is terrible. A beast. It takes up too much screen space vs the older versions. The new version is NOT an improvement – and most people agree.