Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) vs LG Optimus Black: Screen Contention

The reaction to Samsung’s new Galaxy S II (S2) has been immense and for some weeks now, we have been bringing you news regarding this new handset. We have covered it specs, comparisons to other phones such as the Droid Bionic and Charge, HTC Sensation and so on. Along with this, we have given you a rundown of expert reviews of the Galaxy S2, the lack of dedicated camera button, competition of the dual-core processors and so on.

But with many smartphones to choose from and news of the iPhone 5 on the way, is the Galaxy S2 the phone for you? Just yesterday we gave you news of another phone to hit the UK market first off, that of the LG Optimus Black which is rumored to be on retailer shelves by the 14th May.

The LG dubbed the “flagship” of their range along with the Black being the “thinnest” phone at this present time, is tipped to be a big contender and we thought we would match it up against the Galaxy S2.

Putting them side by side, there are of course differences, the first being that of the screen. If we refresh you with the specs, we can tell you that the S2 will include a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, the first for Samsung. On the other hand the Black will provide you with a slightly smaller 4-inch, although it will give you a NOVA display which reduces up to 50% of the power consumption if used on a daily basis. As well as this the NOVA screen provides much brighter and crisper images.

On appearance if we take a look at what reported, although in terms of power, the S2 wins hands-down, the LG Optimus Black makes up for in the overall display and thickness being thinner to that of the S2, or does it? In fact if we take a look at the measurements for just one moment, the Samsung is actually providing a thinner size of 8.5mm compared to the LG’s 9.2mm.

Although there may not be much in size, there are other distinct advantages between the two. One disappointing factor is that of the Operating System. The S2 will be running with Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread with the Black incorporating the 2.2 Froyo with an update to 2.3 in the future. In terms of camera, the S2 wins with an impressive 8MP rear with the Black having a 5MP. Processing power for the Galaxy is just out front with a 1.2GHz compared to the Optimus Black having a 1GHz.

What are your thoughts on the two mentioned above? Is there a clear winner for you, or is it a close call? Let us know.

  • Corey Coffman

    'Processing power for the Galaxy is just out front with a 1.2GHz compared to the Optimus Black having a 1GHz'
    the galaxy s 2 has a DUAL CORE 1.2GHz processor, its 2.4 times more powerful than the blacks 1GHz unit, making it a bit more than 'just out front'

  • JDA

    The comparison is not a fair one. The Optimus Black isn't designed to be a powerhouse but more of a mid range handset. A much more worthy comparison would have been with the Optimus 2X which is also dual core.