Kung Fooled: The Latest YouTube Video Sensation

YouTube has become a place where you can find just about anything and is a great pass time. You can jump from video to video laughing, being shocked or indeed being amazed by some of the things the people can do.

We have been bringing you some of the latest viral videos that are sweeping the nation including the Sexy Sax Man, Justin Bieber getting Casey The Punisher Heynes on stage at his Melbourne performance and of course the Ultimate Dog Tease. Now we have a new one for you, it’s called Kung Fooled and it’s the latest YouTube video sensation, we can see this one being big.

Something that has become pretty funny on YouTube is people talking about their own race and stereotyping, you might remember the American/Asian guy from the UCLA hitting back at the girl ranting about Asians. Well now the stereotyping has been taken to the next level by the guys at WongFuProductions.

It starts out with two Asian Americans talking about how they think that most Americans think that Asians are good at Math, Piano, Martial Arts and erm yeah that’s about it. It goes on from there when one of the guys takes out the trash and he gets confronted by a guy with a knife, it goes on from there once he realizes that people are afraid of Kung Fu. Things go from bad to worse in this hilarious clip. As always, you can watch it at the bottom of the article.

What did you think of the video? Did you laugh as much as we did? Let us know in the comments section below.

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