Gransnet Social Networking: Facebook For Grandparents?

With the increased use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook being used to share news and keep in touch with friends we knew it wouldn’t take long before we saw an array of other companies copying this social platform, in previous posts we have brought you news about other networking sites like and even Disney’s Togetherville.

As these sites are aimed towards children it would appear that the older generation amongst us maybe missing out on their chance to try social networking, this is where Gransnet is hoping to try and provide a service by launching what you could say is a Facebook for Grandparents.

This new site which has just launched was the creation of the guys behind Mumsnet which is a site aimed at giving mothers an online voice, according to this post from Gransnet hopes to provide some of the 14 million grandparents who reside within the UK an online forum where they can discuss many things such as hobbies, culture and even relationships.

Since being launched back in 2000 Mumsnet quickly gained a cult following with mothers and parents in general, in this post from Walesonline Chief executive officer and founder Justine Roberts had this to say about her latest venture “The Mumsnet community has given a powerful collective voice to a group that was previously somewhat disenfranchised. We’d like to do the same for older people”.

This site is great way to introduce the older generation towards social networking, of course not all grandparents need to be introduced as we found out from Matt Tran who brought us news of the 103 year old lady who uses Facebook to keep in contact with her family and friends. If you want to check out the Gransnet or show it to an elderly relative follow this link here where you can sign up for free.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a site like this is a good way for elderly people to reach out to each other?

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  • Rosemary

    Can't wait for this to get going and to provide a forum for us grandparents who have real issues that need to be taken seriously. Rosemary

    • @Fab_after_Fifty

      Rosemary, you might also want to take a look at www – lots of articles and tips for women 'of a certain age' and a chance to connect with other women- many are also grandparents . Lots of topics are covered – grandparents rights, health, pension and employment rights as well as general chat.