Facebook Good For You? Depression Still On The Rise

Number one social networking site Facebook since 2004, has attracted some 600 million active users from January of this year, well that was the figure stated by wikipedia anyway. Mark Zuckerberg‘s site allows users on joining, to add friends and acquaintances to their expanding friends list, upload and share photos with one another, give status updates each day and so on. But for a site that no doubt brings many of you happiness, can it actually have the opposite affect?

The answer is yes, according to dnaindia.com. Ok, so the site can give you the option to communicate with friends and loved ones and it gives you the benefit of joining a group of interest, but on the flip side it has been suggested that many users to the site often suffer from depression. This can resignate from cyberbullying, which is something we have often spoken about on OSM, break up from a partner, harassment and so on. Dnaindia.com also reported, that paediatricians stated that children using social networking sites are suffering more and more from ill effects.

One such psychiatrist studying children Dr Fabian Almeida said, “We have seen an increasing number of children addicted to Facebook and other social networking sites. Some of these children are as young as eight or nine. Parents need to be cautious, as kids may be subjected to bullying, harassment, ‘sexting’, etc in the virtual world. Some children studying in Stds IX to XII are getting into relationships and go through depression because of break-ups.”

Often we have reported that parents can feel responsible for allowing children to partake in the internet world, but unfortunately in this day and age, our world is filled with the use of computers.

Interesting statistics came through with half of youngsters accessing social networking sites at least once a day, with a quarter logging onto them some 10 if not more times a day.

Tell us if you are a parent of children who surf the net and log onto Facebook, Twitter and so on? Do you have clear boundaries for them, and has there ever been a time when you clearly think that they are on them too much?