50 Cent Sleek Headphones: Cancelled

At OSM we like to report on various different types of headphones and sounds systems. Some of the recent reports have seen the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function headphones, the new line of old school boombox from TDK and of course the Justin Bieber flavored Monster beats. Now we have something else to tell you about.

Cast your minds back to CES 2011 and think about another famous rappers cans that were going to be making their way onto the market. That’s right the 50 Cent Sleek Headphones but unfortunately we have some bad news about them, the deal between the companies has been cancelled leaving their arrival in the balance.

The news broke through Engadget where Jacob Schulman has added an article that talks about their brief run in with the wireless hybrid headphones that utilizes the Kleer technology and has also included the press release. It has now been revealed that agreement between Sleek Audio and G-Unit Brands has been terminated with the company re-evaluating the headphones at a later date.

As things stand, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the headphones won’t be coming out and whilst we have at least 21 questions to ask as to why things didn’t work out we still have some hope that they will make it to production, Just a Lil Bit anyway. In the mean time you might as well be a Window Shopper and check out some other brands rather than waiting for these.

Are you a little bit disappointed at the souring of the deal between them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.