YouTube “Scrubs” Osama Bin Laden Death Prediction Hits TopSpot

It doesn’t seem possible that nearly a week ago, President Barack Obama was announcing to the world that terrorist and founder of al-Qaeda “Osama Bin Laden” had been killed. The house which was located near Pakistan was where Bin Laden and four adults were killed. In an interesting article over on, it was reported that the house in which Bin Laden had been found, had in fact been under close surveillance for months by CIA spies, although it wasn’t certain whether he was there.

Since Sunday of last week, we have given you news of how social networking sites particularly that of Facebook and Twitter, immediately became inundated with users’ messages, news of fake Twitter accounts stating that Bin Laden was actually alive, viral videos on YouTube of how people were celebrating around the world particularly at Ground Zero and so on. Today its news of how hit American TV show “Scrubs” and its Janitor played by “Zach Braff,” unwittingly predicted how Bin Laden was in hiding in Pakistan and this is where the American troops should be looking.

His prediction according to, came in February of 2007, some time ago then, and its this very clip from back then, that has caused a sensation on YouTube with some half a million people viewing the 10-second clip within the timescale of 2 days.

If you take a look at the clip below, you will see its named “The Janitor was right” and was highlighted from Scrubs season 6 episode 7 “His Story IV.”

Tell us your thoughts on this and Bin Laden’s death? Where were you when you heard the President’s announcement?

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    Zach Braff does not play the Janitor….

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