Yet Another Facebook Scam/Virus Circulating “Need Help Please”

The Facebook scams are coming thick and fast aren’t they, some of the ones we have reported on recently include the Twilight game that was loaded with malware, Facebook chat being hijacked and of course the load of Osama Bin Laden posts laced with malware that has recently surfaced.

Now we have another one to talk to you about. Whilst the others are using the fact that their subject matter is big in world news the one that we are reporting on now says that the person in the picture has entered a clicking contest to get as many as they can, seems innocent enough, especially when she is asking you to help her get to a free $20!

Then you see the blue capitalized letters and you want to help her so you hit your left mouse button click on “CLICK HERE” and bang, you are being hit with a virus. More and more links are being sent through chat from various infected accounts and it spreads with each clicker as informed by in their article.

If you have already clicked on the “CLICK HERE” then there are a few things we would advise you to do, first of all use our guide on how to remove unwanted ‘Liked’ pages on Facebook and then run a virus scan on your computer checking for spyware too. Finally clear out your cached memory (clear your cookies) and then keep an eye out for this stuff in future.

Have you noticed a considerable increase in the number of Facebook scams going around at the moment? Remember to share this information with your friends and we can help stop it spreading. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.