Sony Customers Beware: Third Major Hack This Coming Weekend

Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network (PSN) went down on the 20th April and for many it has now come down to a pure waiting game as to when it will be resumed. In the last few days, here at OSM we have brought you news suggesting that the service will be fully functional by the end of the month. Today we told you news that Sony had informed customers of a new “Debix” service to protect users data, as well as suggestion of a hacking group named “Anonymous” who were behind the PSN outage although this cannot be officially confirmed. Consequently after this went down, Sony pulled its Online Entertainment service due to worries of yet another security breach.

Now more uneasy news has come in that Sony and its website may be experiencing yet another hack this weekend, the third in so many weeks. According to Slashgear via Cnet, the hack if it does commence, will concentrate on making all or just some of the information known from Sony’s servers through copying it. This could yet again have a detrimental effect on customers personal information including names, addresses and yes, credit card information.

With Sony now on tenterhooks as to whether the individual(s) will carry out an attack this weekend, the huge electronics company have issued a statement to a House of Representatives saying that the PSN attack was “very carefully planned, very professional and highly sophisticated,” followed with the attackers having “attempted to destroy the evidence that would reveal their steps.”

What are your thoughts on this? Have you suffered from the PSN downtime, and are you considering using the Debix service to protect your personal information? Bear in mind that the free subscription to this will run out in June.

  • mon

    Is this only affecting the playstation area, or is it possible that online shoppers at the Sony store had their details taken?