PSN Update: Sony Offers Free “Debix” Protection Before June

Tech giants Sony are still under fire despite news of the PSN network being resumed and the service being fully functional by the end of this month. After hackers caused the PlayStation Secure Network to go down on the 20th April, resulting in mass disappointment amongst gamers and then news that personal information could have been affected, indications then pointed to the Sony Online Entertainment service also being attacked.

Today in light of this, Sony have not only issued a “Welcome Back” campaign to entice its customers, but are also offering users the opportunity to have “Debix.” This you may be wondering, will be a free one-year subscription to as Engadget stated via the PlayStation Blog, “Debix AllClear ID Plus” identity theft protection service. To find out more on what Debix offer its customers click here for a review.

Available for those of you in America that hold a PlayStation Network and Qriocity account, the offer will be valid until June 18th. In basic terms, Debix works on the principle that your personal data will be monitored for harmful activity, it looks to see if any of the data’s private digits have been tampered with and provides up to $1 million in ID theft insurance.

Engadget were keen to state that Debix also offer its other customers a $10 a month service and cannot comment on the new service offered by Sony.

What are your thoughts on the new Debix offer being pushed along by Sony? Is it something you would think about taking up, or do you feel its a little to late? Let us know.

  • Baxter

    Sounds like good publicity for Debix, an unnecessary service if companies like sony did their job. Hopefully the hackers are brought to justice and the CEO that allowed so many security issues to be ignored is terminated and criminally charged. I'm sure glad I do not have shares in such a poorly run company.