Playboy Coming To The iPad 2 Uncensored May 18th

When you think about the way that the entire world is moving towards embracing technology and the way that books are now appearing on digital slates like the NOOK Color, does it really come as a surprise that the world of adult entertainment is too.

You may remember a report that we brought you back in January where Maddy Rowe was telling us that Hugh Hefner had tweeted that an Apple app was on its way. With the app he was saying that once it was setup, subscribers would be able to access the current magazine issues along with previous content too. It was due the beginning of March however it has obviously been delayed; now Playboy is coming to the iPad and iPad 2 uncensored on May 18th.

We first learned of this through an article that we found over on iClarified where they say that Mr.Hefner informed the world that it was on its way using Twitter. That’s right; Twitter is in the thick of things again. Social media has become such a valuable advertising and marketing tool for so many people it’s unbelievable, Hugh Hefner has just demonstrated this.

You can head over and read if for yourself on his officially verified Twitter page. Look out for it to hit the Apple store on May 18th and in the mean time you can take a peek at the version for the iPhone that we expect the iPad version not to be too dissimilar to.

What do you think of Playboy hitting the Apple iPad? Are you surprised that it’s on its way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.