Nestle Takes On Social Media With The Help Of “Heidi”

In a world where companies big or small have to compete against one another to advertise their brands, the use of social media plays a big part. Whether its signing up to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, uploading a video onto viral site YouTube, checking into Foursquare or using Groupon to give customers discounted vouchers, these are all ways to achieve a good customer base and increased revenue. Nestle well known for many products, has now tapped into this very frenzy.

Although it has taken a while to get Nestle on side, they have now decided to launch a series of 6 web clips entitled “A Moment With Heidi.” As you can see from one of the clips below courtesy of YouTube, a Bavarian woman “Heidi” can be seen microwaving a Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread Sandwich, milking a cow and then getting splashed in the face whilst playing “Milk Pong.”

Todd Wasserman over at Mashable has reported that as well as turning to YouTube to watch the footage, Nestle has an official Facebook page with some 29,000 fans.

Social media if looked into and used in the way its intended, can be a beneficial way of getting your product across to a much bigger audience. In the past we have spoken about how small and big businesses such as restaurants and pubs are taking on the idea, banks, the police force, plastic surgeons, the film industry, charities and so on.

With social media popularity hitting new heights, do you think that this input into advertising will take over from TV and billboards etc? Let us know, and also what you think about the new Heidi selection?