Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Finally Buys Own Home

It seems amazing to many that one of the richest men in the world lives in rented accommodation but until now that has been exactly the case for Facebook CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg. We recently told how Zuckerberg was included in the Forbes Billionaire’s List and now we hear that he has finally bought his own home.

Back in March, Zuckerberg was worth around $13.5 billion, according to Forbes, and although his new home apparently set him back around $7 million, that’s still a pretty small chunk of his worth. Not that we’re snubbing a $7 million house as we’d like one ourselves but you’ll know what we mean. Zuckerberg has chosen to stay close to the area where he rented a very modest home for the last few years, in Palo Alto, California.

Facebook’s new headquarters is now located at Menlo Park and Zuckerberg’s new home is reported to be close by although the address has not been made public due to privacy concerns, according to Mark Hachman of PC Mag, sourced from The San Jose Mercury News. Zuckerberg has not yet moved in to his new luxury home but we’re told that it covers more than 5,000 square feet, five bedrooms, five full baths, a glassed-in sunroom and a saltwater pool.

We also recently told how Zuckerberg no longer lists his Facebook status as single and also how he now has a dog, so it seems that the purchase of his new home signifies that one of the most eligible bachelors in the world is finally settling down. Maybe it took some time for it to sink in with Zuckerberg that he is actually a very wealthy man. Why do you think it took so long for him to buy his own home? Let us know with your comments.