Facebook Scam: See How Your Baby Will Look Like?

When you think about social media and social networking, it’s no surprise that there are so many scams going around. More and more are being spotted and our aim is to join the fight against them to try and stop the spread of malware and keep you safe when using things like Facebook.

Recent reports have seen a pre-warning about Mother’s Day as the people that launch these types of attack rely on events and celebrities in the lime light. We have also warned you of a couple of bouts of Osama Bin Laden malware that’s spreading. Now we have something else to inform you of, one of the latest Facebook scams, it’s called “See how your baby will look like?”

That doesn’t even make sense right? This time the scammers have relied on the cuteness in the picture and the thought of perhaps seeing what your baby would look like (even though the title of it doesn’t make sense). This is one of the more crafty types of malware we have encountered as it does certain things that others do but in a different way.

Remember we warned you previously about NEVER pasting anything into your address bar? Well that’s exactly what this scam is trying to do as informed by Facecrooks.com. Let’s go from the top and talk about what it tells you to do and how you can remove it if you have already done it.

Firstly once you click on the wall post link you will be directed to another page with a big blue button saying “Show Me” and when you click on it is where the scammers are being crafty. What they do is press a series of keys, the code they want is highlighted and they want you to hold CTRL & Press C, CTRL & Press D, CTRL & V then press ENTER. In effect it’s a way of copying their malicious code into your browser bar and going exactly where they want you too.

Once you have completed the actions they want you too, you are directed to a survey which is where the scammers earn their commission and it looks like the shot below. To get rid of it you will need to click on the ‘X’ and follow through the normal procedure of cleaning up your news feed, use this link for a guide on how to get rid of it all.

Have you seen this scam going around? Share this with your friends and warn them not to click on it. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook scams in the comments section below.